I’m tired of talking about it! (So I’ll just blog for a minute)

One of the joys of writing (and especially writing a blog) is that you can talk about anything and everything under the sun. Pop culture, current events, politics, relationships, money, family, music, movies you name it… on any given day I blog it if the mood strikes me. However, when you spend a lot of time reading blogs, watching news, checking your email, Facebook and Twitter – you can sometimes hit information overload. And lately, I find myself developing a bit of burnout about some topics that I feel are over-played right now. So much so that I'm going to get the last of my thoughts out about them now and put them to rest for a minute or two.

  1. Hair – With the arrival of the docu-comedy; Good Hair, Chris Rock brings to light all the drama, nonsense, pain and good time that is the Afican-American female hair experience. Personally, I think this topic has been discussed to death, especially in the blogosphere. You have women who are very pro-natural (non processed), women who are anti-weave, pro-perm, etc. Fellas weigh in on long, short, synthetic, afro – eeek! I'm over it. As long as your hair is clean and suits your face and personality, I say go for it. I was stunned when women were insulted by Chris' documentary claiming it degraded women and gave away too many of "our secrets" to white women. Someone stop the madness please. It's not like we females of African descendants have any secret sauce about how we get our hair to look however it looks. Personally, I wasn't aware that anybody gave that much of a damn what we did to make it do what it do. Long story short: get over it, put you on some cute earrings on and rock it.

  2. Black Men vs Black Women – a ton of posts and discussion and Twittering about whether Black men and Black women hate each other, can't get along, don't date, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. I personally have no beef with Black men as a group. One or two ya'll I have to give a stern side-eye to but beyond that, I'm good. About twice a week, some Black Bloggers Fight Club of Mars vs. Venus Twitter Battle breaks off. It always ends with one party accusing the other one of hating on their own race and vowing to verbally eviscerate the other on their blog. Is it that crucial? It's really not. The battle of strong black man vs. independent black woman won't be won in the social media arena. Your 140 character tweet is not going ot make anybody see the light. Long story short: take it offline and find something nice to say (it's a start).

  3. Celebrities – I don't care what Mike Tyson said to Oprah, why Lamar Odom married one of those random Kardashian chicks or who A-Rod may be shacked up with. None of those people keep the lights on up in here and I am a little weary of celeb-hungry culture that has decided that Jon and Kate's divorce settlement is important enough for mainstream news… Le Sigh. Let me knock out a few high(low) lights right quick so we can move on: I don't know what the latest in the Amna Nicole wrongful death suit is and yes, Roman Polanski belongs up under the jail. Usher's new song is terrible, no I don't think Jamie Foxx is an authority on anything other than entertainment and sure, I don't see any reason why Kanye can't back from his pilgrimage to India a better person. Long Story Short: I'm going head in the sand on all celebrity news for a while.

  4. The Obama Hateration- It's gotten so bad that if a news anchor even mentions Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck – I change the channel. Whenever the latest Wingnut of the Week stops by CNN or MSNBC, I turn it off. It's not that I'm super sensitive to criticism of Prez 44, it's that I no longer care to listen long enough to see if the criticism is valid or a hate-laced rant. My tolerance threshold is only puddle-deep at this time. Poor Obama wins one of the most prestigious prizes known to man and still people found something (many things) critical to say. The arguments against his policies aren't even based in policy anymore but a philosophy that they more they tear him down, the higher they can elevate themselves. I'm really interested to see how that's going to work out in 2010 and 2012. Long story short: Until he does something to personally offend me; I'm going to continuing praying and cheering for the continued health and success of Barack H. Obama.

What's a topic you like to see retired from media (social, mainstream, blogosphere) at least for a minute or two? What's a topic you wish was getting more air/blog time?