Bougie Concert Review: Chrisette, Common and Maxwell

Today was big doings down here in Big D. Oprah came to town, visted the state fair and hosted the local evening news. (First time I watched local new in four years). U2 was in town. I had a date that didn't suck (finally) and the Maxwell tour came to town. I won't go into a ton of detail except to say the following:

Chrisette Michele is far more talented than you think. Her vocal range and ability to sell a song live came as an unexpected and welcome treat. Common must do ab crunches in his sleep. He's lyrically gifted, a showman and did I mention he was fine? Maxwell has redeemed himself. This was not the same guy I saw years ago just holding the mic out and letting the concert happen around him. He engaged the audience, sang his ass off and somewhere into his third song the girl I was seated next to and I had to start fanning ourselves. He was bringing the hotness. Favorite part of the concert was when he held the microphone out to a young blonde chick and she was so flustered all she could say was, "I follow you on Twitter!" He responded, "Thank you, baby." It was classic 2009.

I give this concert the rare and never before seen rating of FIVE pumps (out of five). If he comes through your town or anywhere close by, go see the show. It was totally worth the price of admission.