Know when to walk away, know when to run...

Today's Ask a Bougie Chick letter comes from Alexia: there's a guy...let's call him Baggage (since he has alot of it)....our families are close...our aunts have wanted us to meet for quite a while. We finally met in October of last year at a party his family had. We talked briefly and I was so nervous that I didn't ask for the digits or any kind of contact info. About 3 weeks later, I realized my error and contacted him on Facebook saying that it was great to meet him and that I hoped to talk to him soon. He replied and said it was great to meet me and said that he was sure we would speak. 

About 2 months later after no talking a family member of his reached out to me stating that Baggage needed help with a familial situation. (I'm a therapist by trade). His ex wife...was causing issues as far as his children are related...I helped blah blah blah...we started to talk and, I thought, fall in like with each other. We talked about liking each other and wanting to go out (which to this day has not happened). We REALLY connect on so many levels it was too good to be true.

Fast forward to January of this year...his mom had an emergency health crisis...and he is now taking care of her...we went from talking nearly every day to talking very sparingly (like once a week or less). My question is...should I fall back completely and discontinue contact? Should I check in every now and then to see if he's ok? Should I be empathetic and give him space? I'm stuck. Please help.

Alexia - I'm confused. I don't see the connection. I say this not because you didn't mention details but because you two still haven't gone out. It is my unwavering belief that people make time for the things that are important to them. If dude is that much into you, he would make a way to see you, be with you, talk to you. Since he has not, my advice is to fall back and let it go.

Actually in this case where's there is a lot of baggage and drama plus you've got family blended into the mix? I almost advise you to sprint post haste in the opposite direction. Let me ask the crew - BnB, what say you? Should she hang around to see what comes next or keep it moving?