Bougie Timeout

Hey BougieLand. I know it's early in the year to be pressing pause and yet... I gotta. Just looked at the to do list for this week and something had to give. Unfortunately, it's the blog. In addition to celebrating a birthday on Wednesday, I'll be helping Le Dude pack up since he'll be spending the next two months traipsing around Europe, starting with Spain. Yes, I'll be crossing the pond for multiple visits. I also want to tighten up the first few chapters on my next book to present to the publisher in addition to planning the publicity strategy for Pretty Boy Problems which comes out this summer. And oh yeah, I guess I should pay some attention to the day job.

All that being said, this week - might post, might not. But I'll be around, if you haven't joined me on the Black 'n Bougie Facebook page, please do so and if you haven't found me on Twitter - don't delay. I'll be asking a few "question of the day" type things this week and I'd hate for you miss it. Also, we do have a Twitter list for the inhabitants of BougieLand, follow the list to see what yo' people are talking about.

Be back soon!