no post day on BnB

Yes, we're still here

Okay, I've received enough of the subtle (and not so subtle) emails, tweets and FB nudges about tumbleweeds rolling through BnB to take the hint: More posts, more often and hurry!

Sorry all, you know... life, 'tis the season, whatnot... 

This week, some thoughts on Mandiba and a Bougie Bachelor Chronicle for sure. Maybe one or two other things I've been kicking around. As a reminder, you can find me on BnB facebook page, on Twitter, or on my Tumblr which I'm getting better about updating.

See you tomorrow!

It's that time again

Just got BougieNiece off for her first year of college and now Book Five is due to my editor in about 10 days. If you've been asking for Katrina's story, third and final installment of The Montgomery series? This book is for you. Even if you haven't and have no idea who Katrina is... my books are out there (check out the sidebar) feel free to use this time to catch up! (Shameless plug)

Those of you who have been here before already know the drill. I'm around but not really. Talk to you after Labor Day! Feel free to chat amongst yourselves...

Bougie Down

Okay... it all caught up with me. The packing, the moving, the 100 degrees of it all. The book promoting, the new book writing, the unpacking. I'm toast folks. Burned toast at that. So I'm going to take the next few days to recoup: relax, relate, release and whatnot. Be back next week with my usual brand of sophisticated snark. Bougie bylines. Well-crafted witticisms? At any rate, I'll be back.

What's good in your world?

The Dude has somehow managed to catch pneumonia in the sunniest place on the planet. :-/ So back to Dallas for some recuperation. I'm polishing up submittal chapters of Book 4 and transferring files from my old laptop to my new. Next time, I'm totally Geek Squading this operation. Just getting Microsoft Outlook set up the way I like has been an exercise in patience (something I'm sorely lacking). And let's not even talk about the day job. Training a new girl, juggling 20+ open positions and trying to keep my pleasing personality. I'm not about this entire juggle struggle life right now. 

All of that to say, no post today. It's on you. What's good in your world, fine people? Do share...

Reflections on a Monday Morning

The SuperBowl was kinda blah. The commercials were kinda meh. The best thing about the half-time show was the set and Cee-Lo's sequined Crypt Keeper outfit during Like a Prayer.

This weekend the weather went from 82 to 32 and landed everywhere in between. Boo. BougieMom and I spent the SuperBowl huddled up on the couch with Kleenex. This morning, I pop open my email to see some troll ran through BnB just to call me b*tches and hoes. *DELETE*

All that being said, you're on your own today. How was your weekend? What did you think of the big game (if you watched) and what's in store for you this week?

Bougie Timeout

Hey BougieLand. I know it's early in the year to be pressing pause and yet... I gotta. Just looked at the to do list for this week and something had to give. Unfortunately, it's the blog. In addition to celebrating a birthday on Wednesday, I'll be helping Le Dude pack up since he'll be spending the next two months traipsing around Europe, starting with Spain. Yes, I'll be crossing the pond for multiple visits. I also want to tighten up the first few chapters on my next book to present to the publisher in addition to planning the publicity strategy for Pretty Boy Problems which comes out this summer. And oh yeah, I guess I should pay some attention to the day job.

All that being said, this week - might post, might not. But I'll be around, if you haven't joined me on the Black 'n Bougie Facebook page, please do so and if you haven't found me on Twitter - don't delay. I'll be asking a few "question of the day" type things this week and I'd hate for you miss it. Also, we do have a Twitter list for the inhabitants of BougieLand, follow the list to see what yo' people are talking about.

Be back soon!

So much noise, there's silence

Ever have so many thoughts zipping around your brain that it all just coalesces into one big blank. Yep, me too. When this happens, I have to just brain dump by writing down every stray thought and then figuring out if any of it is important, worth writing about, worth talking about, or just some of Le Random Garbage that floats through my mind. In the meantime, tomorrow and Friday we have collaborative posts. Come back by and see what I mean - it's going to be fun.

Until then, stay warm & let's keep it Bougie out there. Show of hands, who's an overthinker?? An uberAnalytic? Is "contingency plan" one of your favorites phrases? Are you a listmaker? An outliner? A "wait a minute, let's talk about this first" person? Fess up...