The more things change...

I have so many questions about this picture. Why am I sitting in the fireplace like Cinderella? Why am I leaned up against logs like they are super comfortable? What am I reading? WHAT AM I WEARING? Le Sigh.
You can handle birthdays a few ways - you can be shell shocked at where all the time went, you can be melancholy about time lost, you can be giddy that you're still here, or you can ignore the whole thing. I tend to be a little mood swingy about it. But this year, I'm just happy to be be here.

I did stop and think what's different, what's changed and what's stayed the same over the years. Here's what I've come with...
1) I used to be quiet and self-contained. Now I'm reserved until I'm comfortable and then I speak my mind.
2) I used to be a book worm. I still am. 
3) I used to be shy. Yeah, that ship set sail a while ago.
4) I've been an optimist then a pessimist than an optimist again. I'm firmly in the between of those now.
5) I used to be very sweet, seriously - I was a sweetheart. Now? I have my moments.
6) I used to be gullible and a shade naive. Surprisingly, I still find that I'm shocked and awed at folks' shenanigans.
7) I've never really been insecure but I've had different levels of security on different categories of my life. I worry a little less about the exterior more about the interior. I don't stress over who likes  me and who doesn't. I don't worry about my career, it always works out in the end as it was meant to be. Same thing with relationships.
8) I used to be a romantic. God help me, I still am. 
9) I wanted to be a writer. Then a lawyer, then a CEO and now? A writer. At last.
10) My priorities were God and family first, s/o and friends seconds, then career and ambition, a whole bunch of other stuff and then me. These are pretty much the same though I've moved me into 2nd place..
BougieLand, what's changed about you from childhood to adulthood? What's stayed the same? Do share...