TV Premiere Week Re-Cap: What I watched, what I liked and the other stuff

Just a recap of some of the new shows I watched and what I thought...

Outlaw: B- I like Jimmy Smits, I always have. Even though the premise of a gambling, whorish conservative Supreme Court justice stepping down to do good works is um... a stretch; it's well written with thought-provoking topics. Hat tip to RZA from Wu-Tang for his guest appearance in the first episode. Not bad at all. I watched the pilot and the first episode and enjoyed them. They didn't blow me away but I can see the potential for pretty good TV here. I'll keep watching.

Boardwalk Empire: A- Really well done look at Prohibition-Era gangsterism in Atlantic City. I gave them the minus because with the exception of dude who played Omar and a maid... where the black people at? Black folks need a sip too. It's HBO - I'll keep watching.

The Event: C- I was confused and felt undereducated. I don't need a TV show to make me feel intellectual inferior, I have Pegroes (Pretentious Negroes) on Twitter for that. The timeline bounced around and the Black president isn't Black but Cuban. I was good and truly Lost (pun intended) by the time the actual "event" took place. It's not good to watch 58 minutes of TV and all you have to say is - Huh? Be that as it may, I'm going to try and give it one more week. Damn my loyalty to Blair Underwood.

Detroit 187: B- NYPD Blue it is not. And I don't like cop dramas that make me suspend all disbelief while calling bullshiggity at the same time. SuperCop (played by Michael Imperioli) uses the silent treatment to get a hardened brother to give up every crime he's committed since thrid grade? And talks down a hostage situation? For real though? The soundtrack was excellent, the cinematography made Detroit look like a bad day in East Beirut during Desert Storm and some of the characters were too formulaic. Crotchety wizened old vet ready to retire (classic Murtaugh), fiesty female lieu with kids at home (classic Van Buren), racially ambiguous hot chick everybody's half in love with, semi-hot guy they aren't sure what to do with yet. I'll give it one more week.

Undercovers: A Loved it. It's Hart to Hart dipped in chocolate with gadgets and whatnot. If you're not old enough to remember Hart to Hart, get thee to TVLand. First of all, the two leads (Boris Kdjoes and Gugu Mbatha-Raw) are right nice to look at. I can't even hate on that woman, she is bad. The plot was nice, the timing and pacing worked and the chemistry was abundant. Things blew up and went boom. Great to see Gerald McRaney playing the stern company red, white and blue man that he does so well. I was impressed with this one all the way around. I'll be tuning in.

The Defenders: F Two minutes in, I turned away. No thank you. Y'all aren't hot or funny. It's not working.

The Whole Truth: D Ten minutes in, I was done. I didn't like the chemistry between Maura Tierney and the other dude and since they are the main characters... that was that. No more please.

My Generation: D It's like the bad, slow predecessor to Thirtysomething... and that's not a good thing. Angsty late twenty-somethings with a lot of yada yada going on. It's hard to gibbadam. Done with that one.

Better with you: F Terrible. I can't even talk about it. 

Hawaii 5-0: D Sis and I call it Hawaii 5 - No! Doing too much. We thought the episode was over at the 34 minute mark, but no... there was more. And it required the hot chick to strip to her drawers. This is a Banana Boat suntan lotion commercial with crime sprinkled in. Skipping it.

Blue Bloods: Great cast starting with Tom Selleck who has aged quite nicely. The family theme was a little overdone (interwoven plots where members of the family came in regular contact with each other daily). But the story lines were compelling, the banter was well done and they sprinkled some diversity into the mix. Overall not bad, I'll catch it when I have time but it's not must see.

So what new shows did you watch? What did you like? Why? What will you watch again? Did I miss something amazing?