@DanielSunjata, @HollyRPeete & four other celebrathletalities you should follow on Twitter

Yes, celebrathletalities - celebrity/athlete/personalities, you knew what I meant. As you can tell, I'm not blogging the deep thoughtful topics this week. I'm in South Florida and so my posts are sunny and light. Today we're talking about celebs on Twitter.

Be warned that following your favorite actor, athlete, singer, writer, celebutante can be pure disillusionment. It becomes very clear, very quickly that some people are paid to be pretty and little else. Some folks are skilled in the field of play but no where else. Some are talentless egomaniacs who just want love and really should let their publicists tweet on their behalf. But I shan't name names. If you've run across of these, you know what I mean.

Thankfully, there are exceptions to the rule. I'm sure there are more but these are my faves:

Daniel Sunjata - @DanielSunjata - Mr. Sunjata plays Franco on Rescue Me one of my favorite shows. Okay so I started following him because he's hot, I admit it. But I quickly discovered that he's also intelligent, socially conscious and darn it, just an all-around nice guy. It's like he doesn't realize he's way too fine to be tweeting with the likes of us. If I looked like him, I'd ignore the hell out of all y'all. (Just kiddingish) He answers questions, sent me some eye-opening (if distressing) information on the privatization of the prison systems and always has a thought-provoking conspiracy theory to share. 

Donna Brazile - @DonnaBrazile - If you've watched her on CNN going toe to toe with Anderson Cooper and the gang, you already know... she's smart and she speaks her mind. She does the same on Twitter. Sometimes political insiders can be a little too "inside the Matrix" for me but she breaks it down to the least common denominator and dishes it straight.

Holly Peete - @HollyRPeete - She's a mom, a wife, an actress, an entrepreneur, an activist and a football enthusiast. She has the nerve to be cute and in incredible shape as well. If you can't follow her just for her impersonation of Wonder Woman, how about she's warm, humble and tweets back... without artifice. Check out her HollyRod Foundation for the great work they are doing particularly with autism.

Donte Stallworth - @D_Stallworth18 - Sure he's an athlete and y'all want to stereotype but check his timeline for a day or two - he's ridiculously well-read, humble and a little obsessive about his workouts. Trust me, he's one to know.

Cory Booker - @CoryBooker - I don't know when the mayor of Brick City sleeps because dedicated dude is answering citizen tweets at midnight and again at 4:00 in the morning. Literally, tweet him about a pothole in Newark, he gets it fixed. The mayor of Dallas? Don't get me started. Mayor Booker is a quadruple-degreed bona fide Bougie Hero. He's Dat Dude. Follow him and learn a little something about hustle that works.

Lalah Hathaway - @LalahHathaway - She's talented, she's gorgeous and she tweets back. What more do you want from one of the most slept on artists out there? So sure, follow her but more importantly - buy all her music, she's gifted and never disappoints. 

I do get it, celebrity ain't easy. Just because you're in the public eye doesn't necessarily mean you owe the public any thing but it's far more pleasant to come across a famous personality that has some brains and pleasantries to back the rest of it up. Okay, do you have anyone to add to the list? Let's be honest - is there a celeb you followed and then quickly unfollowed in sheer disappointment? For those that don't tweet, who has a "I met a celeb and it was awesome" story? Thoughts on my list? Do share...