Stuff I refused to blog about this week

Okay, I have work, work, deadlines and a plane to catch. So here's a Bougie News Round Up. Discuss among yourselves:

1. Jesse Jackson Jr - caught cheating. With blonde chick. He apologizes. Some folks seem to think it's "not as bad" because "at least the side piece is hot." Is it just too trite to say "like father, like son"? How do you think this will affect his run for re-election?

2. Bishop Eddie Long - accused of sexting boys. Pastor of megachurch sends not so holy pics of himself to members of the congregation. I don't know what's true, but I know it doesn't look good. The current debate seems to be whether it's worse that he was cheating or cheating with men?

3. Kenny McKinley - young Denver WR commits suicide. Mental health issues have got to be addressed in the African American community. Time has come for us to stop saying "he just needs some Jesus" and look seriously at the problem. Depression is no joke. Why do you think we're so reluctant to address mental health?

4. Lyfe Jennings - "reformed" rapper/singer going back to jail. Quits Twitter. Retiring from sportlight. Says he hopes he's had a positive impact. Does this put a new spin on his song Statistics?

5. Sarah Palin - says she'll run if no one else steps up. Thanks Sarah for guaranteeing another four years of Obama. The best thing that could happen to progressives is if Sarah decides to run. I can't wait for the first debate. Will she draw a cheat sheet on her hand again?

What else is hot in the streetz? Thoughts or comments on these stories?