This week on BnB: Questions for the Ladies Week

Turnabout is fair play… the ladies had their chance to ask the fellas questions, now it's their turn. The fellas sent in 27 questions. Yes, 27. I'll try and boil them down into similar categories and get them addressed. Also, Wednesday night (5/12) we'll be doing a 90 minute radio show to talk it all out. Joining me will be are noted bloggers Ashley (@Asmith86) from Diamond Dust and Carolyn (@CarolynEdgar) from Carolyn Edgar and JD (@WhyMeLawd) from (not)Happy about this. We look forward to taking your questions. Ninety minute session - let's get it in!

This week promises to be good times. Tomorrow's question – Ladies, why are you so mean? <~~ Yes, I have the answer. Come by and check it out.