The Long-Awaited Follow-Up to the Henry & The House Invaders #AskABougieChick

In early March, I posted a story about Henry. A divorced man with two kids whose ex-wife had hoodwinked and bamboozled him into allowing her to move back into his ancestral home and brought along her new, younger, unemployed boo thang.

Since then, quite a few things went down. Henry called his lawyer who called a judge. All agreed that foolery happened. In the meantime, Henry sent Andrea (the ex) and Curtis (young boo) to Vegas for a weekend with a pre-paid credit card. He knew they would be there until the money ran out. Henry wised up.

While they were gone, he moved them out and moved them to (you will love this)... Curtis' mama's house. The kids admitted that they didn't want to live with their mother and Mr. Curt any more. When Mama and Curt rolled their broke behinds back from Vegas, they were greeted with changed locks and temporary court orders. Until Andrea could provide a stable environment where the children felt safe, Henry would have custody and Andrea would have supervised visitation.

Henry's lawyer also advised him to move his house and assets into a trust. And that he should tell Andrea that his assets revert to his sister in the case of his death. Whoa. Lawyer said he didn't put it past old girl to disappear Henry in hopes that all of his assets would go to the kids and she could control them as mommy dearest. Now that's some hot mess.

In better news, Henry is dating the legal secretary from his lawyer's office. He was there so often, they started eating lunch together everyday. That's one cloud with a shiny silver lining. So... all's well that ends well? Henry has one last question for us, "Anything I should do different this time around?"

Yes Henry. One, take your time and communicate. Two, if it feels wrong, it ain't right. And three, talk to your kids. They tend to have great radar about people. Good luck sir...

Any parting words for Henry?