Lessons Learned from #Scandal - Love hurts but...

I've already admitted my obsession with the TV show, Scandal. So why not turn that into something useful? Like a new BnB series - Lessons Learned from Scandal. Today, let's talk about that quote Olivia dropped on Edison last week (seen above). The beauty of this is that even if you don't watch the show, you can read that quote and cringe right along with the rest of us.

The quote sent me into a momentary tailspin of self-reflection - was this my problem? Do I only love love if it's dramatical, mystical and magical and fraught with tension? For a moment, I thought yes and then slowly I swung back the other way... no. In fact, hell no. (remember Dude formerly Known as New and how he was ousted from the island due to what? DRAMA!)

The truth of the matter is - yes, love does hurt. It can grab you in the gut and twist you into pretzel shapes, chew you up and spit you out. This is true. But it should not torture you to death's door, have you peering over the edge into Lucifer's living room before snatching you back with a maniacal giggle. That's doing too much.

For a love to be extraordinary, it doesn't have to be a roller coaster ride, or at least not a death-defying one for criminy's sake. Olivia can have that constant love struggle. I do not want. My lesson learned from that quote - love means different things to different people. For Olivia, she appears to like her relationships on raging inferno status with no extinguisher in sight.

Now, had she said that she didn't want an easy-like-Sunday-Morning, dull-as-a-dishwater, comfortable-as-an-old shoe kind of love - that I understand. And no, fellas - please don't make this another argument for the "women only want thugs" or "nice guys finish last" memes. Women want chemistry. Whether it's wearing a leather jacket or a sweater vest. <~~ don't come at me for sweater vest bias. 

Not saying I don't want the relationship to be easy, but I prefer the take-my-breath-away, sparks-fly-when-our-eyes-meet, you-are-totally-feeling-me kind of love... that eventually feels like Sunday morning. I like my coffee strong, my food spicy and a little extra je-ne-sais-quoi in my love life. Not that steal-a-country, snuff-out-a-Supreme-Court-justice level of drama... I'm not here for that. Just want my breath to quicken and my eyes to light up when That Guy enters the room. If I'm rolling my eyes thinking, "Here he come again." It's not going to work out. 

So I wonder BougieLand - Are we drama/adrenaline junkies in our love lives? Do we only feel like it's love if it's some all-consuming orchestra music swelling to a crescendo maelstrom of emotion? Does love have to be extraordinary for us to accept it? Can you have "true" love without the chemistry? Can a love that's just easy work just as well? Do discuss...