A letter to DL Hughley: Dear Sir, have many seats...

Dear God, when does it end? No, not the election - at least there's an endgame in sight there. When does the irreverent bashing of sisters for profit and/or an empty chuckle end? 

"What is it this time, Chele?"

Well, let me tell you. DL Hughley has a book and a show and who knows what else coming out that he has to pimp. And we all know that the latest Black Man Gotta Sell Something Hustle is by hurling sideways slander at the sisterhood (disguising it as helpful advice). On a recent taping of NPR's Tell Me More, DL had this to say:
I've never met an angrier group of people. Like black women are angry just in general. Angry all the time. My assessment, out of, just in my judgment, you either are in charge or they're in charge, so there's no kind of day that you get to rest.
For real tho? Thanks for that. I couldn't get away with writing a book that had even a smidgen of "Black Men Ain't Shiggity" vibe about it. One, it wouldn't be honest and two, I'd get beaten about the head and neck from all sides. Even if that's how you feel about Black women, DL - how does it help to say it? To print it? To repeat it?

It's not as if we don't have enough to worry about what with Mitt putting us in binders and other Republicans okaying our rape. It's not as if we aren't fighting to have a voice that is both respectful and representative of our best in Hollywood and the mainstream media. It's not as if relationship "experts" haven't culled out the thirsty amongst us and decided to get rich or die tryin' by making us all look like fat, lonely, rough-edged spinsters. 

That's not enough. We need a comedian to tell us just how angry we are. Cuz that's what's going to make us play nice from now on. Here's a short letter to you:

Dude, what did black women ever do to you besides birth you, raise you, support your shows, marry you and laugh at your jokes? I wonder DL, have you wondered why the black women that are around YOU are so angry? I only listened to 30 seconds of your interview and it was enough to set my blood on boil. And I'm considered a fairly pleasant and easy-going sort. But lest I be lumped in with the livid ladies you have known, might I share something with you? 

We're not angry - we're tired. Tired. Tired. Tired. We're tired of unrealistic expectations and unprovoked attacks from folks that are supposed to have our backs. We're tired of "holding it down" while "keeping it together" all the while determined to be looking fabulous from head-to-toe so someone will look twice. We're tired of taking half a step forward to be knocked backwards a yard. 

In fact, we're exhausted. Exhausted of holding the ladder so others may climb. Of cleaning the floors so others may walk through. Of crashing the ceiling so others can sit on the top floor. Of being told that no matter what we do - it's never enough. Because there's always someone like you to tell us to do better. You know what - you do better. Why don't you walk a mile in our pumps and Spanx with hopes and dreams holding you up and reality and ignorance pulling you backwards and tell us how that works for you?

So I don't know what the other sisters are going to do, but I'm declaring a Hughley-free zone. I don't need the negativism. I'm sure you don't care. This one letter is not going to impact your book sales or your show ratings one bit. But I'll feel better. And who knows, I may even wake up with a smile on my face in the morning. And won't that be something?

In conclusion, I don't really have a counter argument except to present to you the First Lady of the United States. Who is pretty damn awesome. Never without a smile and the epitome of grace. Are you calling her an Angry Black Woman too? God bless your wife and daughters. God. Bless. Them. Now go have some seats. Over there. On the other side of the stadium. Please and thanks.

BougieLand - why? Just why...