Things I loved about #DNC2012 and why you care

Whew. That's a wrap ya'll. #DNC2012 is in the books. I found it to be uplifting and exhausting. Now it's a countdown to Election Day with a few interesting debates along the way. There were many, many things I loved about the convention but here are a few of my favorites:

1. Democrats are the party of inclusion - Unlike the white-washed RNC, the DNC embraced all the colors of the rainbow. Without cherry-picking, you could easily scan the crowded and see all races, all ages, and both sexes liberally represented. Why do you care? This means chances are someone who cares about the things you care about belongs to the Democratic Party.

2. Diamond Bill is still shining - I started calling former President Clinton "Diamond Bill" back in the mid-90s. 

Diamonds are created over stress and time. They are coveted and sometimes come at too high a price. Ladies love them and men don't mind them either. Diamonds are tough and resilient. You can bury them deep in shiggity for as long as you'd like but after a quick rinse, buff and polish - they shine again. You know how when a diamond is in the sun and it catches the light, it's so dazzling you just have to look at it? Diamond Bill, ya'll. Why do you care? He's going to be out on the road campaigning for Obama and it's good to know he's still got it.

3. POTUS and VPOTUS love their wives - No shade to G.Dub and Laura or Daddy Bush and Barbara or even Ron and Nancy but you never looked ad those couples and wondered if they wouldn't rather be at home stirring the cocoa. Jill Biden actually blushed when her husband shouted her out from the stage last night and this pic of Barack and Michelle tells you all you need to know:

Why do you care? Love's in need of love today people.

4. Ya boy went in - For the record, Obama put on a clinic on how to throw shade, throw 'bows and snatch wigs the bougie way. You don't name call, you don't lie, you don't question citizenship. You merely suggest that a man who insults the Queen may not be up to the task of foreign affairs. You politely scroll through your accomplishments. And you put the cherry on top of the sundae by reminding everyone listening that you  are doing the damn job right now. Why do you care? Who doesn't want their President to be the coolest guy in the room?

5. DNC riverdanced all over the RNC - Tweets (9 million vs. 4 million), ratings, ability to engage the crowd, speak factually while keeping it classy? DNC did that. As I tweeted last night, the RNC talked to a chair, the DNC talked to the citizens. Why do you care? Because now action needs to be taken.

Make sure all of your people know their voting rights and have those papers ready. Look around and see if there is anything you can do to help this campaign. To me, the theme song for last night was Black Sheep's "The Choice is Yours..." Now go make it.

Thoughts, comments, insights?