Don't expect Michelleness if you ain't Baracking it

What can I tell you - Day One of the DNC was some awesomeness. My personal highlights included Cory Booker's eloquence and fire (and purple tie); Former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland saying if Mitt was Santa Claus he would fire the reindeer and outsource the elves, the Teddy Kennedy retrospective where we saw Mitt flippity-flopping on the issues years ago in a failed race against the Tedster; Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick telling to Dems to get off dey asses and grow a pair (paraphrased), Lilly Ledbetter twanging her epic made-for-Lifetime-TV struggle against the man and San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro's dead on assertion that Mitt's problem is that he simply doesn't get it.

As engaging as all of that was nothing dazzled like FLOTUS. Michelle Obama (fellow Capricorn), came out with the hair laid and makeup flawless in a Tracy Reese dress and to die for J. Crew pink pumps. And then she delivered. She shared more than just an empty hearts and flowers about her man (side-eye to Ann), she stood up there and straight testified for Barack like she was pleading a Supreme Court case and preaching to the choir all at the same time.

Her obvious love, devotion and admiration for her husband, our President, rang true. She talked about his upbringing and hers. How they started out with a lot of love and a lot of debt. She took the anecdotes about her husband and related them to policies and agendas. She reminded the base that this was the same man they had voted for four years ago and he deserved that vote again today. It was a masterfully written and brilliantly delivered speech that held the audience captive. It was real. Here's an excerpt:

“I didn’t think it was possible, but today I love my husband more than I did four years ago. Even more than I did 23 years ago, when we first met,” the first lady said in a prime-time speech carried live by the major TV networks. “I love that he’s never forgotten how he started. I love that we can trust Barack to do what he says he’s going to do even when it’s hard – especially when it’s hard.”

Now, into this glorious moment a lot of the fellas on Twitter had their full Michelle admiration on. I completely understand that. I'm such a huge fan of hers. In my mind, I picture us meeting and becoming BFFs instantly. She is fabulous in ways many of us can only hope to be. But then some of the fellas went there. Why weren't more women on some Michelle-level about their men? Where was the ride-or-die? Where was the woman who would raise the kids, stay in shape, match them intellectually and be all that and then some? Where was their Michelle and why couldn't more women get like her?

Pump the brakes fellas. I stated on The Twitter that I wasn't sure I knew a man that would have me on national TV speechifying with a smile on my face and tears in my eyes for thirty minutes. Not tears of joy anyway. Michelle and Barack have twenty-three years in. They have put in the time and the work to make their relationship the beautiful vibrant thing we see today. When Michelle met Barack, she saw his potential, his intellect and his heart. They were well-matched in background, intelligence, ambition and physicality.

That doesn't happen every day. I don't expect a man to love me like Barack loves Michelle out the gate. I wouldn't step to a Barack level guy if I didn't think I was Michelle material. That street runs two ways. Don't expect a woman to ride-or-die for you and you half-assing it. Don't expect a Michelle while you Clintoning it up with random broads. As my Aunt Violet used to say, "Two birds need four wings to soar." Bring your own wings to the table fellas. That's all I'm saying.

Who watched the speech last night? Who wanted to sit down and compose sonnets about love, marriage and happily ever after when Michelle finished? For those of you in relationships - do you think you're in a Michelle/Barack zone with your s.o.? Those not in relationships, would you settle for less than that level of kinship, love and mutual admiration? Do share...