Hashtag Wednesday: #WTHwasIthinkin?

It's the return of Hashtag Wednesday. In fact, it's been so long I need to remind myself what it is. Oh. Yes. We pick a topic and hashtag the heck out of it. 

Today's hashtag #WTHwasIthinkin was brought on by running into a dude I thought was the hotness back in college. The first issue is that I don't know dude's real name. He was a Kappa and everybody called him Snake. Back in the day, he looked like a taller T.I. and I thought he was uberSexy. There was this one night after a step show... we had a moment. If I hadn't had to return my sister's car by midnight... ah well.

But now here we are in our grown and sexy years and the only name I have to call dude is Snake? Whatev. So there I am at the Target trying to decide if my hair should be the color of Moonlit Tortoise or Brazilian Bronze when dude strolls up with the "Hey, didn't you go to UT?" 

I turn and see GrandDad. No seriously. Dude skipped his thirties, forties and fifties and looks to be firmly into Paw-Paw territory. The onlyest (yes onlyest) reason I recognized him was because for some mysterious reason, he was in a red suit and had a cane with him. (Was there a Kappa convention at five in the afternoon near Target?!) Anyway, all I could say was "Hey Snake, how you been?"

"Shelley? Right?"


"Did we hook up?"

"No. Sorry."

"I think I wanted to but you were too bougie."

"Yep, that was me."

"So what are you doing right now?"

"Um... heading home to the hubby and kids. But you take care now."

"Hey, hubby don't have to know ev'thang!"

"Ha-ha! True dat. Great seeing you!" *flees Target in record time*

Today's top 5:
1. #WTHwasIthinkin when I thought he was a catch?
2. #WTHwasIthinkin with a dude only known as Snake? (I still don't know his real name)
3. #WTHwasIthinkin going into Target during dinner rush hour
4. #WTHwasIthinkin not having that glass of wine with lunch today. I needed it. Badly.
5. #WTHwasHEthinkin out in GrandDad Kappa Gear in the middle of a work week?

BougieLand, ever see an ex and wonder #WTHwasIthinkin? Got any other #WTHwasIthinkin to share today? The floor is yours...