Hashtag Wednesday

Hashtag Monday: #LeaveItIn2012 - 5 things

Well here we are again. 2012 is almost in the books and for those of us that made it - Amen and let's keep fighting the good fight. I went back and reviewed my New Year's posts from the past few years - after 2009, I went on a mini-rant (unfortunately, I still rant about some of those same things now). After 2010, I made a sort of checklist of accomplishments, lessons learned and areas for improvement. Um... still working on those improvement areas. (That was an eye-opener) I kicked off 2012 with a determination to do what I could to get Obeezy re-elected and basically do better in other areas of my life. Done and done.

But for some reason, this year just felt a little hard. I'm definitely wrapping up the year on a high note which I appreciate but 2012 felt like it was an uphill climb. Which I suppose is better than a downhill slide. At any rate, there are some things we can go ahead and dead prior to 2013. Let's #LeaveItIn2012, shall we?

1. All things Mitt Romney - he lost. Buh-bye. I no longer am required to care what he's doing or why. Let's keep it that way.

2. Oversharing on these here intersocialwebmedia sites - That goes for me too. Yeah, I'm semi-sorta dating someone. That's all you need to know for now.

3. Ranting about the Cowboys (or you may insert frustrating sports franchise of your own here) - I've done this rant for at least 5 years straight. Nothing changes. Jerry's ego won't allow it to. I'm resigned to living with Silver & Blue shame. Le Sigh. 

4. Trying to achieve Wonder Woman (SuperMan) status - This is something we all have to work on. American society as a whole has us programmed to "be our best selves' and "live life to the fullest" and sometimes if we aren't out there making moves, hustling and turning our lives into shining examples of 'get-like-me-ness' we feel like we haven't done enough - or is that just me? Anywho, I'm over it. This is the first year I haven't averaged 3 - 5 blog posts per week. On the one hand, I feel bad about it because we have a great community here and the more I blog, the more awesome people I meet. On the other hand there are 8766 hours in a year, sounds like a lot but my do they fly.

5. Nonsense, Foolery and Shenaniganism - I don't know about you but it seems like I put up with a lot more of shiggity than one should this year. If you find yourself defriended, blocked or banned - well, buh bye now. In 2013, it's less stress and more positive progress. 

Anything to add to the #LeaveItIn2012 list? Please share...

Hashtag Wednesday - #WordsForthePresident

BougieSis attended an event for the President yesterday. [Yes, I'm hatin!] Food and beverage was served, John Legend performed and the Prez wowed the crowd with his usual flawless delivery. She did not get a chance to speak with him personally but I wondered... what to say if you have one moment to speak with President Obama? 

Hence today's hashtag: #WordsforthePresident.

Mine? "Feel free to kick Romney's ass" - no? 
or "Can you Seal Team Six George Zimmerman?"
or "Good looking out on the equal pay for women thing."
or "Please visit Black 'n Bougie dot com"
Clearly, I have no clue what I would say once I got over the urge to squeal. "You totally rock!"

What say you? If you had that moment, what would your #WordsforthePresident be?

Hashtag Wednesday: #WTHwasIthinkin?

It's the return of Hashtag Wednesday. In fact, it's been so long I need to remind myself what it is. Oh. Yes. We pick a topic and hashtag the heck out of it. 

Today's hashtag #WTHwasIthinkin was brought on by running into a dude I thought was the hotness back in college. The first issue is that I don't know dude's real name. He was a Kappa and everybody called him Snake. Back in the day, he looked like a taller T.I. and I thought he was uberSexy. There was this one night after a step show... we had a moment. If I hadn't had to return my sister's car by midnight... ah well.

But now here we are in our grown and sexy years and the only name I have to call dude is Snake? Whatev. So there I am at the Target trying to decide if my hair should be the color of Moonlit Tortoise or Brazilian Bronze when dude strolls up with the "Hey, didn't you go to UT?" 

I turn and see GrandDad. No seriously. Dude skipped his thirties, forties and fifties and looks to be firmly into Paw-Paw territory. The onlyest (yes onlyest) reason I recognized him was because for some mysterious reason, he was in a red suit and had a cane with him. (Was there a Kappa convention at five in the afternoon near Target?!) Anyway, all I could say was "Hey Snake, how you been?"

"Shelley? Right?"


"Did we hook up?"

"No. Sorry."

"I think I wanted to but you were too bougie."

"Yep, that was me."

"So what are you doing right now?"

"Um... heading home to the hubby and kids. But you take care now."

"Hey, hubby don't have to know ev'thang!"

"Ha-ha! True dat. Great seeing you!" *flees Target in record time*

Today's top 5:
1. #WTHwasIthinkin when I thought he was a catch?
2. #WTHwasIthinkin with a dude only known as Snake? (I still don't know his real name)
3. #WTHwasIthinkin going into Target during dinner rush hour
4. #WTHwasIthinkin not having that glass of wine with lunch today. I needed it. Badly.
5. #WTHwasHEthinkin out in GrandDad Kappa Gear in the middle of a work week?

BougieLand, ever see an ex and wonder #WTHwasIthinkin? Got any other #WTHwasIthinkin to share today? The floor is yours...

Hashtag Wednesday: #SaluteTroops

Briefly out of hiatus for the cause. August 31st, Prez 44 (as promised) officially ended the combat mission in Iraq. Still more to be done, but he's asking that we take a second out of our day to say "thank you":

Please join him and others by showing your appreciation for the men and women in service to our country. There are many ways to send your official salute, click here for more information. One way is through your Twitter account (if you have one), using the hashtag #SaluteTroops with your message of support. 

Take a moment and send a shout out to the troops for their selfless service and sacrifice. Oh, and Happy September everybody!

Hashtag Wednesday: What I’m #LookingForwardto

Sometimes it's very hard to live in the moment. I tend to get self-reflective and cast a look back from time to time. And let's face it, time just flies. You can stop and appreciate a moment and then it's gone. Lately, I find myself looking forward a lot. So much so that I have to remind myself to slooow dooown and not miss anything on my rush to get where I'm ready to go. Since we haven't done a #Hashtag Wednesday in a while, I thought we'd go with things I'm looking forward to.

If you haven't joined us on a Hashtag Wednesday, let me explain: On Twitter, people tend to accentuate their chatter by adding a topic or a phrase to the end. You tie the topics together by placing a "#" (called a hashtag) in front of it. For instance, yesterday had a trending topic called #TshirtSlogans where people offered their ideas of what would be interesting/cute/vulgar on a T-shirt. It ranged from #TshirtSlogan: Stop Staring at my Chest (not bad) to #TshirtSlogan: I make one person happy a day, today's not your day (funny) to #TshirtSlogan: Back away slowly (cute).

Alright, so let's see what we've got today:

#LookingForwardto: Summer TV shows. Shallow, yes… but I am. Leverage, Closer, Drop Dead Diva all promise to be better than the nonsense I'm looking at now. With the exception of The Good Wife, Southland, and Treme; I have not been wowed by new shows this season. I did develop an addiction to TV One's UnSung. Who knew that the original dude from the Bar-Kays was on the plane that went down with Otis Redding on it? Not me. I had no clue.

#LookingForwardto: Spring gardening. Yeah, all those weekends whining about have to help my dad prune roses, pull weeds and plant perennials… it stuck with me. For some reason, when I moved out to the Bay Area and had this cute rental house (I miss that place) I start experimenting with plants, flowers, vegetables. I killed a lot of poor unsuspecting plants but I kept going. And one day, it was my little therapy session. The time spent mucking around in mud and mulch became "me time" and having colors and scents come from nothing was kinda cool. So yeah, I'm looking forward to see what will survive from spring to winter… it's always a challenge.

#LookingForwardto: My next great date. Surely there's at least one good one out there in my future, right? I am SO looking forward to spending time in the presence of a good-looking, good-smelling, good-acting man (not related to me) who makes me laugh and not want to live tweet the pain or flee. That would be great.

#LookingForwardto: Finishing my short story. It's due to my publisher by June. Once I finish it, I start on Book Three. It's all creativity all the time.

#LookingForwardto: Football Season! I know I'm early but with the schedule coming out yesterday and the draft tomorrow, it's right around the corner. Oh, I guess I should wait for the NBA Playoffs to wrap before talking football? Either way, I know I can count on both the Mavericks and Cowboys to look great… right up until they choke in the playoffs. They kill me. Does any sports franchise in this city know how to close?

So tell me, BougieLand… What are you #LookingForwardto and why? The floor is yours.

It’s Hashtag Wednesday: If you could make up a holiday, what would it be? #MyPersonalHoliday

So you can tell by my feeble effort on St. Patrick's today that it's not my favorite holiday. So I thought about it, what if I could make up a holiday of my own? Just create a day where people are celebrating where/how/when/why I wanted them to celebrate. Not a birthday or an anniversary, just a random day picked out on the calendar for the purposes of celebrating whatever I wanted.

If you haven't joined us on a Hashtag Wednesday, let me explain: On Twitter, people tend to accentuate their chatter by adding a topic or a phrase to the end. You tie the topics together by placing a "#" (called a hashtag) in front of it. For instance, when we tweet about A Different World, we would add #ADW somewhere in the statements. If enough people use the hashtag, it becomes a trending topic. Some of this week's trending topics were #HipHopSyllabus where people suggested classes that Hip-Hop artists should teach – Hammer teaching Fiscal Responsibility, Beyoncé teaching Advanced Acting, Kanye West teaching Etiquette… quite amusing.

So since I'm not feeling St. Patrick's Day… I thought I'd make up my own hashtag. So here we go:

  • #MyPersonalHoliday would be called Bougenificence Day. A celebration of all things bouge.

  • #MyPersonalHoliday would be on April 20th or the Friday closest to it because we need a day to bridge between Easter and Mother's Day and I'm all about a three-day weekend.

  • #MyPersonalHoliday would have the colors of purple and green. It is MY holiday after all.

  • #MyPersonalHoliday would be celebrated by Mardi Gras-style parties, balls and parades. I think we will need a national step-off and Ebony/Fashion Fair type Fashion Show as well. Hosted by Oprah.

  • #MyPersonalHoliday would be toasted with White Chocolate Martinis or White Chocolate Mochas, drinker's choice. Grilled Salmon and Filet Mignon with broiled asparagus tips on a mixed-green salad - served everywhere (with 2 for 1 coupons).

  • #MyPersonalHoliday would have cable channels playing Neo-Soul artists and New Jack/90s movie marathons. A 24 hour ban on BET... just because I can.

  • #MyPersonalHoliday would need to be a National Holiday. I need banks closed and shops open. The joy of a Macy*s One-Day Bougenificence Sale – can you imagine?

  • #MyPersonalHoliday would be headquartered in Martha's Vineyard or the Hamptons.

  • #MyPersonalHoliday would include a traveling exhibit of bougie heroes, headlined by the Obamas.

  • #MyPersonalHoliday would be awesome (doncha think?)

Okay, BougieLand – whatcha got? If you could make up your own personal holiday, what would it be called? Why? When would it be? How would we celebrate? Drinks? Colors? Do share…

Hashtag Wednesday – #DonchaHateItWhen

For those of you not versed in Twitter (stay away, it's getting ugly), people tend to accentuate their chatter by adding a topic or a phrase to the end. You tie the topics together by placing a "#" (called a hashtag) in front of it. For instance, if I sent a tweet that said "Sarah Palin is an opportunistic idiot", I could add #IHateSayPay somewhere in the tweet. If enough people typed #IHateSayPay into the Twitterverse, it would become a trending topic. Then people would do a search for #IHateSayPay and every tweet with this topic would display.

One epic trends was #HeyWhitePeople. Prompted by a blogpost that stated that Aftican-Americans were "infiltrating" Twitter and if others wanted to "study the culture" they should jump on "Twitter after dark" - it does goes a little cultural by 1:00am eastern. Anyway, as you can imagine, some folks took offense and decided to share "insights" through the use of the #HeyWhitePeople trend. Our boy Riley wrote: #HeyWhitePeople: I don't need reparations for slavery, I need reparations for the ish you did last week. Classic! Another trend from over the weekend was #CelebrityPerfumeNames where people suggested names celebrities should name their next line of perfume such as Apology by Kanye West, Rehab by Britney Spears, or Alaskan Musk by Sarah Palin. #Donttrytoholla keeps coming back, as in #Donttryandholla if your breath arrives before you do.

Well, now that you're familiar with the concept, we can all participate in the good times here in the blogosphere. I present to you the inaugural Hashtag Wednesday on BnB. We'll start with things that drive me crazy…. Doncha hate it when:

  1. #DonchaHateItWhen: people cannot spell simple words like "there" versus "their". I'll chalk up one for brain stumble. Two for fast typing. But the third time is a problem and the fourth is a habit. People that don't know the difference between "your" and "you're" drive me crazy also

  2. #DonchaHateItWhen: someone really wants you to like something (song, food, TV show) and even though you don't, they just keep trying to make you like it? (please stop playing Bruce Springsteen – I have tried and cannot do it)

  3. #DonchaHateItWhen: people make sweeping generalizations: "Black women always…" or "Why do all men..." Please quit that.

  4. # DonchaHateItWhen: women act like a man should pay their bills even though they only know what he looks like horizontally, naked and in the dark. Please stop the skanky.

  5. #DonchaHateItWhen: men act like they deserve sex because they bought you a dinner and a drink? Fellas please see horizontal chick above for all that.

  6. #DonchaHateItWhen: someone drives a brand new Escalade but lives in their mama's basement. Own something or live within your means.

  7. #DonchaHateItWhen: the person you're talking to won't let you get a word in? Pause, take a breath consider that I may have a response to your river of words

  8. # DonchaHateItWhen: men act like they don't hear you talking to them? [stern side-eye, I know you hear me!]

  9. #DonchaHateItWhen: someone gives you the silent treatment? Okay, I am guilty of this one

  10. #DonchaHateItWhen: someone spits when they talk. Do they not see the moisture flying?

Well, I feel fairly certain you have a thing or two to add to the list, and no you don't have to use the hashtag. Comment as you will…