Double Standard? The man with bad cocoa (yes, it's a euphemism)

Well here it is... the obligatory double standard post about bed game known affectionately in BougieLand as hot chocolate/cocoa.

Guy meets girl, girl has it all going on and is smoking hot. One thing leads to another, they stir the cocoa. Or rather he stirs the cocoa and she just is kinda there. Does she get another shot? 

Girl meets guy, guy has it all going on and is smoking hot. One things leads to another, they stir the cocoa. Or rather he attempted to heat up the cocoa and nothing really... boiled. Does he get another shot? 

Sadly, I believe that the girl with bad cocoa probably gets another shot if she's cute enough and a man deems that she is "trainable." The guy with bad cocoa? Had better have already made a heck of an impression on his cocoa partner. Unless she's not in it for the cocoa. If Peaches is on the come up, she'll no doubt overlook lacking cocoa skillz for pocketbook prowess.

I don't know about this one... a guy who has a terrible time with a girl generally does not go back to his boys and say "That's the worse I ever had" lest it be his fault the experience was lacking. Women? We tell each other about terrible cocoa ALL. THE. TIME. And they tell two friends. And so on. And so on. And so on. Does he even have a shot with anyone in the extended crew? 

Chris Rock once said that a man sleeping with a woman for the first time is like stepping up to the plate with only one at bat. You better knock it out the park the first time out or you will never get invited to play again. True or no?

So tell me, BougieLand: Does dude with bad bed game get another shot? Does girl? What does it depend on? Emotions involved? Time in relationship? Other factors (looks, money, potential, ability and willingness to learn)? Seriously, isn't everybody teachable? Okay, the floor is yours... try and keep it PG-13 as much as you can.

I'm scared.