Random Thought - 10 minute vacation

This is the view from a vacation villa at Four Seasons, Jimbaran Bay, Bali. I want one.

I was running (literally) through Target Thursday. I had a grocery list, a schedule to keep, a looming deadline and fifteen different things on my mind. I was inexplicably irritated that I couldn't find the package of pre-prepped diced rosemary and herb potatoes. I was thirsty and still hot from the 100° heat outside. Plainly put, I was tart. I went in search of a potato alternative and as I wheeled around the corner something caught my eye.

Over by the fresh flowers an older attractive black woman sat. I don't know where she got the stool from but she was perched with a smile on her face looking at the flowers. As I wondered what sister girl was doing sitting in the middle of the aisle in Target, she dug around in her bag and pulled out a crumpled piece of paper. She smoothed it out carefully and propped it up next to some yellow daisies. Then she sat back looking at her picture nestled amongst the flowers with a smile.

Inching closer, I took a look at the picture. Recognizing it, I spoke up. "Oh the Grand Wailea Resort and Spa in Maui! Are you going soon?"

She said, "Oh is that where that is?"

I smiled with a little confusion. "Yes, that's the view out the back."

"I just like the way it looks. I saw it in a magazine and saved it. I don't if I'll ever get there so every now and then I pull it out, put it next to something pretty and take a ten minute vacation. I imagine myself right there, sipping on one of those pretty drinks with the breeze from water around me. So you've been there?"

"Yes ma'am a few years ago. It's lovely."

"I go everyday for ten minutes."

"Ten minutes, does it work?"

"It's like my power nap. While I'm on my little vacation I don't worry that my husband wants his dinner at seven, those kids ain't never gonna move out and I have too much month left with too little money. Gets me through the rest of the day. You should try it."

"I just might do that... you have a good vacation."

"I always do, sweetie."

At first, I thought it was a little sad that she couldn't take the real vacation but then it occurred to me - that woman looked happier sitting at her made up vacation spot than I had all day. Lesson learned. Sometimes a little bit of something good is all you need to get you through.

Do you take ten minute time outs during the day to recharge? What do you do? What would be your ten minute vacation picture look like? And Happy Friday.