A blog bites back…

So… earlier in the week, Leslie visited the blog and saw where I pretty much had her and her ex-boyfriend Vince on blast. On a sad note, she said that reading what he said about her stung. On a good note, she said reading what he said about her dropped the scales from her eyes and caused her to see the light in a way she might not have without my bloggy blabbing. All's well that ends well? Ends justify the means?

Late last night I get a Facebook email from a former subject of an EpicFAIL BougieTale. I'm not picky about my Michele Grant account because I want everyone in the world to go buy my book. Unless the profile is super objectionable, I generally accept all friend requests… the better to beat folks over the head about buying it and two for your friends. So I honestly can't even say when I accepted this dude's friend request. I do know I haven't thought about it in more than a minute. In case you're wondering, I wrote an Open Letter to this guy after a tragic date.

If you don't have time to go back and read it, basically I pulled Dude's player card for trying to lure me to his house instead of taking me out. I did go by his house to pick him up and it was ridiculous. He had his laptop open with a screensaver slideshow of women in stages of undress around his house. He had some random chick's bra hanging on the bathroom door. We got to the movie and he was Facebooking some other girl to come out and "close the deal." I needed no more. I switched his name to "Ah Heckie Naw" in my BlackBerry and set the phone to auto-ignore his texts. Wrote the post, chuckled over the comments and moved onto the next.

Well I guess my Michele Grant Facebook account posts the blog updates (though I thought it was only on the BnB Fan Page). Apparently, he clicked on one post and started surfing around. Now I have put up 437 posts since BnB launched last year. What are the ODDS that Idiot Ninja falls across the one post about his trifling behinds? Oh, I almost forgot about my juju/karma issues – of COURSE he found it and knew it was him right away.

Enraged email was entitled: "I ought to sue your bougie ass." Well that's just not polite, is it? Quite an unbougie way to reinsert yourself into my world. Allow me to continue to share the lowhighlights, my commentary is in brackets.

You made me sound like some kind of perverted loser. [If it talks like duck and walks like a duck…]

All I ever wanted to do was get to know you. [Naked, get to know me naked]

Some of the things you said were over the top and hurtful. [Only some?]

After reading that, I wondered what I ever saw in you. [Big boobs, long hair, cute smile. That. Is. All.]

You are not at all who you represent yourself to be. [Pot/kettle introduce thyselves and call it noire]

What was it about the naked pictures that bothered you? That you weren't in them? [**crickets**]

I guess since you never used my name, I can't really sue. [First correct thing you've said so far]

But you should warn anybody you hang out with that they could just end up as blog fodder. [All the important people know already]

Good luck finding a man to put up with you. [Thanks, I'm working on it.]

I'm sure you'll understand if I defriend you now. [Deuces. I'm sure you'll understand if I blog about this tomorrow?]

Bye. [Buh-bye now]

So I will admit that the one-two punch of Leslie and Idiot Ninja made me wonder if I should either stop blogging about real stuff that happens or if I should warn every random person I roll past that anything they say can and will be used against them in the court of Bouge? And then I came back to myself. My family, my best friends, and New Dude all know about the blog. And if I decide to talk about them, I ask first. Everyone else is fair game.

Moral to this story? Act right and I won't have to turn you into the BougieTale Blast of the week? Ha! No, I already think twice (and then thrice) before I post things and I try to keep it as anonymous as possible. Apparently, I need to try harder.

Thoughts, comments, insights. Should I just start blogging recipes, movie reviews and political commentary? The floor is yours…