Five Questions, Five Answers with OneChele… again

Okay BougieLand, it's that time again. Thanks for the emails with questions… some of them were a little scary, but thanks! For those of you that want to send in questions for the next round, I'm emailable at To answer the one question I received the most, yes – there will be another Relationship Week before year's end. So, for those not aware of the rules: Instead of a full-fledged episode of Ask a Bougie Chick, I just take a sampling of five questions I've been asked recently and answer them. In the spirit of fairness, I printed out the questions, shuffled and picked five at random. I'll share my answers and then I expect each of you, dear readers, to do the same. We love Getting to Know You Day… don't we?!

Here we go:

  1. What is your favorite TV show?

    Right now, it's probably Leverage. Great writing, minority representation in the cast and a plot that I can't figure out in the first two minutes. But I am excited to see this show Southland that is coming to TNT in January, I hear it was really good and Regina King has a role in it. Speaking of Regina King, I'm also pretty partial to the Boondocks.

  2. You've had a lot of bad dates, what would you consider a good one?

    Wow, thanks for that. (stern side-eye) Seriously, I'm NOT that hard to please. Clearly, I'll have to share a few of my better date stories at some point. To answer your question, I'll will first assume we're talking about a first date? If so, I'll take a nice dinner and music with someone I like and share chemistry with. My prayer would be that the conversation is lively and we get through the evening drama-free. (It's the drama-free part that keeps getting in the way)

  3. What are your thoughts about women who don't cook? Do you cook?

    I'm removing the gender bias from your question on your behalf. I think the same thing about both men and women who don't cook: they should learn how to. Everyone should be able to pull out at least one signature dish and a breakfast. (Seriously people, learn to bake some chicken and scramble an egg already).

    Yes, I do cook. Regularly and well. I am contemplating posting some Bougie Recipes on here but I'm one of those people that cooks by feel. I take a basic idea for a dish and toss stuff together and see how it turns out which makes it difficult to nail down an actual recipe. My creations usually turn out great, if I may say so myself.

  4. Would you ever consider getting back together with one of your exes?

    Le Sigh. Life has taught me to never say never but er… um – I can't visualize that possibility right now. Okay, reading that over, my answer sounds like a dodge so let me think about it. Alright, the absolute answer is not unless some major changes have taken place with either them or me. So today – no. In the future, maybe. (but I kinda hope not - very been there, done that)

  5. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

    Hmm, probably my lack of patience. It's something I've learned to fake over the years but I'm really low on it. Particularly the older I get, I just have a very low threshold for stupidity and bullshiggity. Oh and rudeness, I get very frustrated with people that are rude for no reason, makes me snippy.

Okay, the floor is yours. Your answers can be as long or as short as you'd like. You can answer one or all five:

  • Favorite TV Show?
  • What would you consider a "good date"?
  • Do you cook and do you think everyone should (at least a little bit)?
  • Is there an ex you would reconcile with?
  • What's one thing you would change about yourself?