Two Songs for the S.No.B. files – R. Kelly and 50 cent need an intervention

WARNING: those of you used to quality meaningful music may be mortally wounded by these two songs. You've been warned... carry on.

In honor of Music Monday, I have two songs I would like to drop-kick into the S.No.B. (So Not Bougie) files. "Pregnant" by R. Kelly (featuring Tyrese, Robin Thicke and The Dream) and "Baby by Me" by 50 cent (featuring Ne-Yo). Now beyond the fact that I had to look up half of these folks, I just have one question: When did it become sexy to sing about knocking people up?

Here are some classy lyrics from R:

Girl you make me wanna get you pregnant,
That's what I told her,
Girl you make me wanna get you pregnant,
Lay your body down and get you pregnant,
Like you are,
Knock you up, pregnant

And here's 50 keeping it classy:

Have a baby by me, baby! Be a millionaire (Ohhhh)
Have a baby by me, baby! Be a millionaire (Come see what I mean)
Have a baby by me, baby! Be a millionaire (owww)
Be a millionaire, Be a, Be a millionaire

Girl I want you to give me what you got and give me more
Girl you can start on top or on fours
You know I like it, when you get into it
Don't nobody do it, uh, like I do it

I would completely despair for the music industry except I just heard that Sade is releasing her first new song in years on her website tomorrow morning at 6:00 am. Also since Maxwell, Q-Tip and Lalah Hathaway received Grammy nominations this year, I won't give up on music altogether. Okay, apologies for the crap music above, here's something to make up for it. A little original Neo-Soul for you… Romance people!

Many thanks to D'Angelo for his classic, Lady. Enjoy Music Monday. Thoughts about the crap music? Excited about Sade? Any music commentary at all?