A collective Woo-Woo-Woo

Everybody take a deep breath in. Look at the Soothing Circle of WooWooWoo above. And exhale.

I could say this nicely or I could just say it...

Some of you are taking shiggity WAY too personally on this blog. It's not that crucial. This is a blog. We laugh, we share, we learn. Open discourse as you will. If you are in any way confused right now, pause and review all the Bouge Rules.

Those are my goals. Since it's my blog, things are generally told from my point of view. You can agree, disagree, agree to disagree or say nothing at all. Either way, it kind of is what it is.

This isn't high school. This isn't higher education. It's the Internet. If you feel your point is not getting across, you can  certainly share yours... to a point. Beyond that point, I invite you to launch a blog of your own and reference folks to it on the regular.

I try to be all inclusive but let's be clear here - my journey may not be yours. I may not get where you are coming from. Occasionally, I may poke fun at something you hold dear. Feel free to mock me in return. I'm tough, I can take it. I'm not divine, I'm nowhere near perfection so if you're looking for God-like acceptance and inclusion, seek a deity not me. Jesus ain't through with me yet.

People's opinions and comments are their own. Yet some of you slink about and wait for someone to say something you virulently disagree with and then you call them out. And attempt to beat them about the head and neck with your opinion which you've decided trumps all others.

Asking someone in accusatory tone - "Why would you say that" is moot. They said it because that's how they felt at the time they were typing or they were dangling bait which you just took. Elevate the debate, please. A great response would be "I don't understand how you reached that conclusion, can you elaborate on this point?"

I don't mind snark but there's a whiff of nasty that rears its ugly up in here from time to time. No thank you. Others of you clearly need a hug and may want to rethink if a blog is really where you want to work on your feelings of abandonment/neglect/narcissism/fill in the ailment here. I'm also going to need some of you to learn where and how to direct your anger. I didn't hurt you. I doubt the other readers did either. Relax, relate, release. Yes fellas, I'm talking to some of your bitter behinds too.

Hmm. Guess I decided to just say it. We can chalk this up to hormones (and we'd be 85% correct) or we can say it was time for a Come to Bougie Moment. Take it as you will. In the meantime, group hug?

*lights sage candles and passes around chamomile tea... in purple cups* Thoughts?