What would you do? An open relationship

I received a frantic call from a friend of mine yesterday. Rose just got back into dating after finalizing a divorce last year. She was married for over ten years before that. She's got a new man (they've been together for about three months) that has her head all turned around. He told her that he wanted to explore the concept of an "open" relationship. Rose asked him to explain exactly what he meant. He said that he wanted them to be committed to each other but free to sleep with other people.

She called to ask me what I thought about it. Hmpfh. I think he wants to have his cake and eat it too. I think what is the point of committing halfway? Those are just my first two thoughts. She said she was worried if she said no, she would lose him. I replied that she doesn't really have him as it is so what is there to lose?

She said, "So you wouldn't do it then?" Heckie to the hell naw. But I answered, "It's about you. Could you do it? Could you really be with someone not knowing who else he's with? Or even worse, knowing he's with somebody else?" **crickets** Um-hmm, nuff said.

BougieLand - what would you do? If someone you really cared about said they wanted to be with you but keep stirring the cocoa with others? Who's down for the open relationship? Ladies? Gents? Somebody help me understand.