Saturday Video Shout-Out: Four Women

Here are words I never thought I'd utter - I really enjoyed watching BET the other night. I know, I know. Mark the date and the time. Black Girls Rock! was a show paying tribute to black girls and spotlighting not only celebrities but some everyday black girls who rock as well. The legend award was given to Ms. Ruby Dee who is one of my all-time Bougie Heroes.

Some of the performances were um, challenged and whoever the stylist was needed to be slapped, taken outside and slapped again. But this performance by Jill Scott, Ledisi, Marsha Ambrosius and Kelly Price of the Nina Simone classic "Four Women" was powerful, brilliant, and awe-inspiring.

“Four Women” first appeared on Nina Simone’s 1966 album, “Wild Is the Wind” and addresses stereotypes of African-American women embodied by the names: “Aunt Sarah,” “Safronia,” “Sweet Thing” and “Peaches.”

Who saw Black Girls Rock? What did you think? How refreshing is it to see real singers!! Enjoy your weekend.