The week there was no bouge

Well, well, well... some of you really showed me something last week. You were not happy to deprived of bouge and you let it be known (repeatedly) - ha! Well, what had happened was - no seriously. Here's the thing:

For about ten days prior to BougeFree Week, I had nothing to say. Well, I had things to say but like the writer's block that plagues me from time to time, it was painful to translate what was in my head to the keyboard. So at eleven p.m., at midnight, at one a.m. I would sit anxiously praying that something would spring forth from my fingertips worthy of posting. Thankfully, it did but by the time I typed, re-read, edited, found a picture, and set for seven a.m. posting, I was already worried about what to type for the next day. Thank God for the ghettofantabulous wedding or you would have been treated to a post about my love/hate relationship with hair conditioner. 

Like I said... painful. I once made a promise to myself that if the blogging ever started interfering in the Micheleness, I would walk away. Well, I took a break instead. And of course, the minute I stepped away, I had ideas for posts springing up left and right. I managed to scribble most of them down. 

So this week, we'll be enjoying Step Yo Game Up week. Also Tuesday night on BlogTalk Radio; Carolyn, Yvonne and I will be wrapping up the BnB Diva Summer Series. If you have questions you want answered, send them over to me at

Hope everybody has enjoyed the holiday. AND football starts this weeks - life is good. The Bouge is back.