New design, new drama

Hey all, hope you're enjoying the new look of BnB. Unfortunately, due to continuing drama on the Internet Explorer platform (Arghh!), I may have to come up with a happy medium in between this super fancy template and the old basic one.

For those of you in IE world, if you click the post title the page optimizes and you can view the wonder of the sidebar. Otherwise it's just running posts the whole way down, no sidebar. Either way, you still get to read the bouge. For those of you on Chrome, Firefox and Safari - you're all good.

I've also added pages: A page for the BnB Radio Network, a page for chats, a page to Introduce BougieLand, and a page to buy bougie gear.

So, sorry for the drama. Enjoy the purple and green bougie goodness (while it lasts) and as always, thanks for visiting the Black 'n Bougie blog.

Oh, if you were on my blogroll before or are dying to be on there now, email me. I lost all those links...