Raise your Califomia Merlot up: It's "My Girl C's" Birthday

In the collage above are some of the many things I wish for my girl C on this milestone birthday. Always intellgent, dashingly refined and witty... my girl C was one of the first to truly welcome me and stick by me during my California high-rolling (and rock bottom) days. Ms. C has a smile that will dazzle, a tongue that can slice, and a side-eye to rival mine. Classic Berkeley chick with a New York shine [so flaky but sharp with it ;-)], C is just good people.

She is one of those rare, loyal friends who is truly down for whatever, no questions asked, "girl whatchu need". Her laugh is a joy to all who hear it. She has been known to enjoy a good book, a deep movie and a glass (or two) of merlot. I hope you have enjoyed her comments here on the BnB and if I have my way, she'll be guest-posting one of these fine days. Raise your glass up for a true class act: My Girl C. Happy birthday, my friend. (Next year, Bali or back to Maui?)