How “Greener Grass” can bite you in the a$$
a look. I smiled and shrugged to indicate it was okay. He shot Vince a look and then came to sit the door and it was one of his friends. I'll call him Vince. Derrick looked at Vince and said one ?" Vince looked past him to me, "Hey, Michele wasn't it?" I waved. Vince said, "What ya'll doing? Nothing down. Vince hung his head down and said, "Leslie's gone." I met Leslie ever so briefly at the barbecue ; she and Vince had been dating for a little over a year. She seemed nice. Not wanting to overstep, I
New Dude, the Ex-Wife and My Life as Soap Opera…
they used to date? Is Vince the person she had an affair with?” He looked at me like I was speaking with Vince but wanted to come by for a visit and to say hi. Mama New Dude again politely declined the town this weekend to look at homes. She is going to be staying at Vince’s house. Yep… Vince, his I’ve nicknamed New Dude. He has a best friend Vince who is a dedicated bachelor and part-time trouble kind of shady for that, New Dude tells me that she and Vince were actually friends first from way
No Shiggity: Please grow up
patience for that form of shiggity. Here are some examples... Vince, New Dude's friend, rolled over coming to the door, go the eff home." Vince hit the doorbell one more time and Derrick typed: "If you're bleeding call 911. Drunk? Call a cab. Otherwise, bye." We heard Vince muttering something under once he leaned back and saw it was Vince's car out front. He pulled out his cell and sent a text: "Not
The Soap Opera continues: B & E, Brawls and Bullshiggity (part 1)
staying with his good friend and frat brother Vince. We expected some drama to pop off this weekend. But her to sit on the opposite side of the room. She did. Best as I could figure, Vince and SEW decided into the skank side of the scale. Vince stood up and said, “Surprise!” Derrick said, “Surp – what the this bullshit?” Then he and Vince go back to their shouting match. I gave SEW a look and directed said in a tone I’d never heard him use. Peeking around him I saw Vince seated on the living room sofa
Question for the fellas: Why can’t men say what they mean and mean what they say?
roommate was dating his best friend so I saw him all the time. I wanted a double scoop of Vince and you you could be Mrs. Vince. But I'm no good for you and we both know that. Now we could have a little fun could keep the whipped cream. To me, it seemed as though Vince dated EVERY woman in Austin, Texas BUT that I'll call Vince. Ladies, Vince was Dat Dude. He was older than me by a number years. DJ in a
Bougie Confessions: Boy Scouts and Time Outs
their crazy asses jailed for breaking into his home. Vince was one situation. The ex was something say about me. My tone was snarky, "Hmm, the Vince that called me twenty kinds of b*tches and you about five months. He has a best friend (Vince) who doesn't understand boundaries and a Shady Ex-Wife friends. Eyebrow arched and hand on hip, I asked - All of who? He said that referred to me, him, Vince
The Soap Opera continues: B & E, Brawls and Bullshiggity (part 2)
back. SEW just flung her hair around and walked out behind Vince. Bryant said, “Michele, can you ?" Vince tried to argue but Derrick shut him down. Then he looked over at SEW. “And you might wanna re to fight folks. Vince tried to intervene. She and Vince ended up in handcuffs, New Dude was handing , Derrick got the key back from Vince and announced, "You know you don't need to come back, right
Communication without Comprehension means da-da
Deep Sigh. Vince, who lost his girlfriend because he wanted to search for something better, was chock background. Apparently, he put Vince out. "No problem." "Listen. I was just making sure you didn't have it that. But before I could decide what to ask, I heard his friend Vince say, "Bruh – are you asking
Bougie Sports Review - NFL Mid-season Observations
respond (swiftly): VY Sighting! Oh it did my Texas heart good to see Vince Young stride out on that
This is how you lose when you win...
his ex-wife. To no one (but Derrick's) surprise, SEW was caught bouncing around D's bed with Vince -wife (SEW) and a scandalous-azz best friend, Vince. The drama they rained down was too much for a
Say-Pay will NOT go away
Lynn Vincent, a senior writer at the Christian-conservative World magazine, as co-author of the
Kicking off 2011 - Learning not to say "I told you so!"
, hmm. "She and Vince were in my damn bed sweating up my damn sheets!" Pray for me y'all because here's what you're saying is you two had beef and a few days later you caught her with Vince." "You know
A blog bites back…
-boyfriend Vince on blast. On a sad note, she said that reading what he said about her stung. On a good
Five things I learned from Randy Moss this week
Chris Johnson so he can get loose. Or so that Vince can get loose, or the tight end. This tells me that
BougieNation at a glance...
Sundress Month, The Story of SEW/Vince/NewDude/Sergeant McHottie, Romey-Rome Ambush, Why Are You
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