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Open Mic Day on BnB

Happy Friday! I'm working on next book plus day job plus I have book signings/fair/conferences to attend for the next four weekends. We're in hustle mode round here. For my Dallas folks, if you get a second tomorrow come visit me (and 50 other authors) at the Tulisoma Book Fair at the African American Art Museum in Fair Park. 

And now to you... What's on your mind today? The football season is about to kick off - what's your team looking like? Kids gone back to school yet? Are you starting a new semester? Summer's winding down, any plans for the fall? For the weekend? Hear any good music lately? Any final thoughts as we call this week a wrap?

Feel free to share. Have a great weekend!

Open Mic Day

I know, I know - it's mad raggedy to only post twice this week and then punt and tell ya'll to run with it but hey - your girl is swamped over here. Like buried. Next week I'm traveling so umm... you may get fresh bouge, you may not. Either way, smooches!

What do you have to talk about today? Any current events? Any weekend plans? Who's off on Monday? Which celebrity needs a kick in the ass this week? The floor is yours... 

In the Meantime...

Last night... John's holiday party. Epic blog fodder. Trey brings a date that everyone actually likes. Jay gets embarrassed by his past (and David's). The sentence "Let me be Herman to your Ginger" was actually uttered. John makes an announcement. Someone's mother shows up to the party on one too many peppermint schnapps shots. All of that... coming soon. I'm still recovering. 

But in the meantime...
First of all - has everyone taken the BnB End of Year Survey?

Next up... It's Open Mic Day! *cue game show music* BougieLand, this is your chances. Share your thoughts, triumphs, weekend plans, musings over whatever in the comments with absolutely no moderation from me. Enjoy! And Happy Friday...

Open Mic day on BnB

Ah yes, it's reader participation day. You all are a talkative bunch. Put your keyboard where your mouth is... or something like that.

Have questions for me, one of the BougieLand faithful, the world at large? Who wants to know what Riley does for a living, what's Coretta's next event, how did Tiffany's anniversary go, where have Grown Ass Man and AnotherWord43 been? Ask away.

Surely there's an opinion you've been dying to share, a point you're itching to make, a song you want to sing, a booty you want to shake? Now's your chance. Get it in. Two rules - keep it NC-17 and be nice. In other words, let's be bougie out there. 

The floor (and mic) is yours... whatcha got?

Friday Open Mic Day - Topics to Dead

We spent all week talking about topics I plan to bury deep and never resurrect. Well, today it's your turn. Step on up and lay your topic down... never to be heard from again (maybe).

What are the "hot in the streetz" topics that you are way over? The floor is yours...

Open Mic Day on BnB... building the perfect TV show

I'm trying to do some thangz. Okay multiple tasks requiring masterful juggling on my part. So no post today. But let's play a little game. If we were building a TV show (one that we would actually watch) based loosely on BougieLand, what would it look like? Is it more Moonlighting or Mad Men? Romance? Suspense? Ensemble cast? Place it at work or at home? East Coast, West Coast, Southern City? No idea too big, no idea too small - what ya got?