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Book Release day! Losing to Win is (finally) here...

Some of you have been with me since before book one (Heard It All Before) hit and bless your hearts, you've struggled through each and every one of these. Here we are at Book Five already! I wanted to name this one "The Curvy Girl Ex-Boyfriend Struggle Is Real" but my publishing house thought that crowded the cover a wee bit. 

Anyway, here's the summary for Losing to Win:
The small town of Belle Haven, Louisiana, is still struggling with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the Gulf oil spill, and its residents will do whatever it takes to get it back on its feet. So when local English teacher Carissa Melody Wayne is asked to appear on the weight-loss reality show Losing to Win, she agrees. She doesn't realize that others from her past will be joining her, including her high school nemesis, an acquaintance who's been nursing a long-time crush on her—and most shocking of all, Carissa's ex-fiancé, former NFL star Malachi Knight. 
As Carissa's group is split into pairs to compete in a series of challenges, she finds herself at the mercy of the chaotic Hollywood crew and cast members, and her own unfinished business. Soon enough, she discovers that her biggest challenge will be deciding what's really important to her, what she's willing to do to win—and how to do it with cameras following her 24/7...

Let's start by saying if my family ever nominated me for a weight loss reality show and I found out about it on live TV? Hell. To. Pay. And that's just the first chapter. 

Feel free to let me know what you think of this one and if you would be so kind as to rate it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Goodreads? Awesomeness...

(Tomorrow, back to our regularly scheduled programming)

Pretty Boy Problems in stores today!

I won't insult the mothers by saying that this is like giving birth and my baby finally arrived. But it does feel like after a long, tiring struggle... here's something of an accomplishment. My third book, Pretty Boy Problems, hits stores and e-readers today. 

Pretty Boy Problems is the sequel to Heard It All Before. Remember Roman? This is brother Beau's story:
Responsible, mature, employed…everything Avery Beauregard Montgomery is not. Instead, Beau is a natural born charmer. He has breezed through life on his dazzling looks, six-pack abs, and sparkling personality. But this pretty boy’s luck has run out. Fed up with his freeloading and philandering ways, his brother and sister-in-law are turning on the tough love and turning him out of their house. For Beau, that just means moving on to the next… 
Beau shows up at his sister’s Dallas condo with nowhere else to go and no idea what to do with his life. Suitcase in hand, he stumbles in to find not his sister but a bathing beauty. Someone super-model gorgeous with attitude, skepticism, and no time for trifling pretty boys. Belle, his sister’s new business partner, has already claimed the guest room and Beau’s imagination. All it takes is one look for Beau to want to do some claiming of his own. Now that Beau finally knows who and what he wants, what will it take to get Belle on the same page?
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BougieLand Live... and more

Dying to know when I'll be in your city? Wondering how to find my books or where to get an autographed copy? Just want to read random stuff about me and BougieLand? Finally, we have a site dedicated to the BnB/Michele Grant tour. Take a second to visit www.BougieLandLive.com for the latest. You can also get there through the BNB Tour tab at the top of this page.

Not caring about any of that? Well then, next week is "After the Broom" week on BnB. We'll be getting some insights from the married folks in BougieLand because goodness knows, the sigles have had our say. So come through and visit! 

BougieLand Live...

I have good news and bad news...

The bad news is... the BnB Meet~n~Greet is cancelled. The good news is... I'm coming to you. Starting in March, I'll be touring this great nation doing book signings by day and hosting cocktail~n~coffee events by night. So far we have ten cities identified and hope to ramp up to twenty. 

As of this very minute, the cities (major metro areas) are DMV, Houston, New York City, Charlotte, Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami. And yes, we still may still plan a BnB Nationwide Meet-n-Greet (or Getaway) later in the year. 

I'll be announcing dates in the upcoming weeks. Who's ready for BougieLand live?

I need to step my game up too! HuffPo Interview

I had an interview up over at Huffington Post and didn't even know. I recall an email asking me some questions. I answered and sent them back. The interview posted at the end of July. I only found it by testing out Google Instant this evening. 

That's a marketing fail in so many ways. At any rate, better late than never? Not sure I agreed with his "drama, drama, drama" assessment but publicity is publicity. Here's the link: Michele Grant has Heard It All Before. Enjoy!

How do you "tame" an unrepentant playboy?

No, not the start of another uber-dramatic BougieTale. This is the question I'm struggling to answer as I prepare to flesh out my outline for my third book. For those of you who read Heard It All Before, I introduced a character named Beau. Beau is a natural born charmer who has skated by on looks, charm and his talent for making women very, very happy. My third book will be about the redemption of Beau. Brother Beau brings to mind this classic hip hop/ R&B song from the late Big Pun and Joe (How hard did I have to search for the safe-for-work version? Whew!):

Anyway, I need to kick-start my brain so I'm throwing it out to BougieLand. If I use your idea in Book Three (as yet untitled), you will get a shout out in the acknowledgements and my unwavering thanks. So I ask, besides "the love of a good woman" - what makes a player stop playing? Can he ever fully "reform", turn in the playa card for good? Thoughts, comments, insights.

The floor is yours...

Rescheduled for BnB Radio Network – The African American Lit Show 4/21 8:00pm central

Join me, noted Book Blogger Lisa from Reads4Pleasure.com, as well as authors Cheri Paris Edwards and Cheris Hodges to discuss the state of African American Literature today. Is it good, is it bad, do we love it or hate it? Why do we write it, read it and what's next? Swing by and take a listen, won't you? www.blogtalkradio.com/BNB is the main site, we will be live at 8:00pm central next week on http://www.blogtalkradio.com/bnb/2010/04/15/the-african-american-author-episode. See you there!

UPDATE: We rescheduled from today. Thanks for hanging in!

My first attempt at a book trailer...

A few weeks ago my agent called and asked if I had a book trailer ready for her to mail out. "A what now?" I asked her, completely clueless. Patiently, she explained that like a movie trailer, a book trailer is a short clip to promote your work. She referred me to a company who offered to create one for me for $1500. Um.. no thanks. I surfed around and saw what other authors had out there... I felt safe I could pull off something comparable. So without further ado, here's what I came up with.

Feedback needed: the good, the bad and the ugly. Thanks!