BougieLand Live

Announcing - The Bouge Cruise March 2012

In partnership with Bougie Magazine and My Layaway Travel, I'm excited to announce a Bouge Cruise! Bougie at Sea is scheduled to depart to sunny Mexico aboard the Carnival Triumph in March 2012. Bougie Magazine is an online magazine bringing you the latest in fashion, trends and entertainment. We're planning an onboard fashion show, a cocktail party, a game night, book signing/chatter (of course!) and who knows - we may squeeze in a live "Ask a Bougie Chick" or a matchmaking event. You won't know unless you're there.

Head over to the travel site for pricing, you'll notice that the first deposit is due by mid-March and then you have until January of 2012 to play the remaining amounts. That means I expect NO excuses from BougieLand. It's a meet-n-greet at sea, people! Cocktails, blue skies, bougie bathing suits (or cover ups... whatever works) - can you really pass this up? I'll be there... will you?