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Relationships Experts - The Good, the Bad & The Ugly

Join me, Carolyn Edgar, Slim Jackson, and Darryl Frierson tonight on BlogTalkRadio while we get into the ever growing hustle phenomenon known as relationship experts. The books they sell, the theories they espouse and whether any of it is worth a damn. We're on at 8:00pm central/9:00pm eastern.

Join us here on the live site in a chat room or dial in to 760-683-2631. Should be a fun conversation for all. See you there!

BnB Radio Network - @CarolynEdgar and I discuss lessons learned

Let me be clear - it's not that @CarolynEdgar and I know so much. It's that we've been there, done that and have the t-shirt, banner, head scarf and matching knapsack to tell the tale. The least we can do is share some of it with you. Relationship talk - maybe, a few words to Karrine - probably, pondering the question - do the Republicans think they don't need women to win in 2012 and many other topics.

We'll be live tonight at 9:00pm central/10:00pm eastern. Join us and feel free to call in to chat with us at 347-884-8748. Look forward to seeing you there. Have questions you want answered during the show? Drop 'em in the comments below...

Tonight! Catch me & @CarolynEdgar on The Return of BnB Radio

Have you missed us? Me and @CarolynEdgar are back this evening at 9:00pm central/10:00pm eastern with chatter, opinions and more chatter. Depending on time, we're going to talk about something we call Opportunistic Infidelity and why we call bullshiggity on it. We're going to talk about Why the GOP Doesn't Care About Black People and why they really should. We'll ask the question - why is someone calling FLOTUS an "Angry Black Woman" and why that's slapworthy. If time permits, we'll talk about the upcoming movie Red Tails and speculate on why Blue Ivy has folks heated.

Join us! You can catch us on the web (we'll have a chat window open) or dial in and talk to us at (347) 884-8748. If you miss it, the broadcast will be available for listen and download on iTunes, on the BnB site or on the BlogTalk Radio site. Hope to see you there!

Me, @DeeshaPhilyaw, @CarolynEdgar tonight - The "Blackness" Episode

Once again, it's on. Tonight 8:00 central/9:00pm eastern - BnB Radio:

Breaking down what "the Black Experience" is all about, why we do what we do, tweet what we tweet and live how we live is what's hot in the streets these day. Everybody wants to define "the blacks" and make money on it lock down those 2012 votes reach out to this demographic.

In this episode, I’ll be joined by the brilliant and witty minds of Carolyn Edgar, blogger, lawyer, mommy, writer extraordinaire and Deesha Philyaw: Mama, writing professor, and freelance writer; co-author of Co-Parenting 101: Advice from a Formerly Married Couple on Parenting Across Two Households (2013).

We’re going to chat about African American Movies, Books, Music and culture. We'll get into blackness, why it’s truly undefinable, and answer some questions that have trickled in from folks. If you have a question you want answered about… oh, anything – email me at

You can find the ladies at@CarolynEdgar and@DeeshaPhilyaw on the Twitter ;-)

Join us! Call in at 646-378-1171 or listen and chat live at See you there!

Tonight on Blog Talk Radio: Divas after Dark - It's a Free for All

Divas after Dark, Bouge after Bedtime, Smacktalk after sundown....

Tonight at 9:00pm central/10:00pm eastern Carolyn Edgar and I will be going in on a variety of topics on Blog Talk Radio. Easter Sunday sent us into fits over the Twitter discussion about whether a woman should fix a man's plate of food or not. I can guaranteed we'll go in on that a little bit. We were also astonished to see how many people do not ask for help when they need it. We'll touch on that as well. Come on through and join the chat room or call in (646) 378-1171 and join the conversation. See you there!

Join me & @CarolynEdgar on BlogTalkRadio - 4/6 9:00pm cst/10:00pm est

TONIGHT! The ever talented and witty Carolyn Edgar is back with me this month while we discuss game. The game of life, the game of love - do you think you're winning or losing? Are you killing your own game? Are you setting yourself up to lose? 

Join me and Carolyn (lawyer, mother, blogger, writer, all around diva from while we unravel the mystery. You can call in at (646) 378-1171 or swing by BnB Radio. Looking forward to chatting with ya'll!

BnB Radio Network - Questions for the Fellas Live tonight! 8:30p CST

It's Michele and the Fellas for this extended show on BnB Radio. Join me, Darryl (@Diggame), @AGrownAzzMan, @MaxReddick and @LeonX getting our 90 minute chat on. I asked the ladies to send in questions for the fellas, we're going to get them answered tonight. No topic too big, no topic too small. 

Join in, won't you? The dial in number if you want to chat or have a question for me and the fellas is (646) 378-1171. I just finished looking over the questions - it's going to be epic. See you there

Join me and @Reads4Pleasure for a live chat this evening

I'll be on BnB Radio Network with noted blogger and BnB visitor Reads4Pleaure tonight at 8:00 PM CST, you can listen in or call in to (646) 378-1171. We'll also be over at her spot: doing an online chat. We'll be talking blogging, writing, books, my latest release Sweet Little Lies and whatever else pops into our heads. Get your questions ready or just come by and say hi. Join us!

Tonight on BnB Radio Network – Get Some Happy 9 pm central/10 pm easter

Ms. Yvonne has a series of commitments she has to keep up with this fall so the Divas are a duet for a little while. Carolyn Edgar and I will be dishing it up straight no chaser in our Fall Series: Divas After Dark. We're later, we're less buttoned up and we're taking no prisoners. Our next show is about how to be happy right where you are, this day, this minute, right now. Even when your life appears to be a flaming plate of shiggity. Wanna talk about it? Call in and let it rip. Want to listen while Carolyn and I talk about it? That's okay too. We'll see you there. Join us..

Tonight at 9:00 pm central/ 10:00 pm eastern time. To listen in, go to You can also call in at (646) 378-1171.

The topic: "Get Some Happy" (even when you don't feel it and people get on your last good nerve)

BougieLand, I may post something later on in the day. I met my publisher deadline and I'm sleeping in. Swing back by and check in or catch me on BlogTalk later.

Tonight on Blog Talk Radio: You've arrived! Now what?

Join me, Yvonne Bynoe and Carolyn Edgar for Episode 5, the last of the Diva Summer Series. Tonight at 8:00 pm central/ 9:00 pm eastern time. To listen in, go to You can also call in at (646) 378-1171.

The finale topic: "You've arrived, now what?"

You set a goal: Love, education, job, wellness, home ownership - whatever it was, now you've made it happen. Now what? How do you deal with and sustain success? 

Join Carolyn Edgar, Yvonne Bynoe and me as we wrap up our series on Creating the Life and Love you want. Yvonne Bynoe is the creator of Her mission is to teach professional women how to go from being underpaid to earning their worth. Carolyn Edgar is a New York City lawyer and writer. She is a frequent speaker on legal career and workplace issues, and writes about single motherhood and divorce on her blog

Come through to say hi, listen in or chat for a few!