My 2013 in review: In remembrance of damns given

2013 was a huge, twisty, long-assed rollercoaster ride with dizzying highs and shocking lows at a breakneck pace with no brake pedal. Every area of my life changed. Environment, finance, relationship, job, ambitions, physical, mental, emotional - all in flux. Some for the better, some for the worse and none of it in ways that I expected.

Attending the Inauguration in DC was awesome.
Packing and moving in the hottest part of the summer not so awesome.
Working like a runaway slave was exhausting.
Getting promoted and having four books on the market as the same time was pure bliss.
And so it continued...

I fell in deep like. It was awesome. Until it wasn't. Be that as it may, the experience did remind me of exactly how I want to be treated (right up until that last day - no bueno, moving on) and expect to be treated in a relationship. It's well past the time to wait on folks to grow up. I appreciated being with a man who could plan a nice date, carry on conversation, remember things that were important to me and act upon them as needed, just be a sounding board sometimes, show some skill beyond the cocoa of it all and treat me like a partner instead of a crutch or a trophy or a delightful pasttime... It was nice. Won't settle for less next go round. So while I don't give a whole bunch of damns about him, I have lots of damns left for the next. 

I do still give a damn about blogging but... it's not the end-all be all. I no longer believe the world will screech to a halt if I don't post 20+ times a month. When I have something to say, I'll say it. When I don't, I won't. That won't net me a blog of the year award and I am so beyond okay with that.

I got better at juggling two careers. Still not a perfected art but writing (and all that comes with it) while keeping the HR gig going grew easier over the year. Partly because I moved into a role that is less hands on and more supervisory; mostly because when pushed to make a choice of writing vs. day-jobbing, I went with writing. So I give more damns about feeding my soul than my pocketbook. Who knew?

Friends, family, and followers really tried it this year. This was truly the year where I remembered where I drew the line in the sand and reminded folks not to step over it. In some cases, it brought me closer to people who have my best interests at heart. In other cases I lost friends, strained family relationships and cut ties with followers but such is life.  I give no damns about folks who do not respect boundaries. 

The long and short of it all is that I believe through all the whiplash-inducing twists and turns this year took, I'm ending the year in a smarter and healthier place than I started it. Definitely ready to turn the page to 2014. How about you? Do share...