Icepocalypse Now... Survival Tips

The weather outside is frightful across most of the country. I'm saddened to say that Dallas is thawing out at a balmy 34 degrees after spending the last three days buried under ice with temperatures in the teens. Le Boo. 

At any rate, it has occurred to me that many people simply do not know how to act in Wintertime on a number of fronts. I'm here for you... or rather the wonder of the BnB Archives is here for you.

Let's start with Bougie Basics for Wintertime then discuss whether Cuddling For Cocoa at Christmas is a good or not. For those of you traveling this season, let's talk what NOT to wear. Got a holiday party, here's a refresher on What Not To Do at the Company HolidayPalooza. Okay, are we all caught up? Great! Make yourself some Crockpot Chicken Chili while I share a few more tips:

Living/Driving Basics for IcePocalypse survival:

  • Driving in snow and ice - if you don't know how, please spare the rest of us and stay at home. Seriously. If you are determined to try, allow me to share the following - you do not brake while sliding on ice. Ever. You take your foot off the gas and turn gently (GENTLY!!) into the direction of the skid allowing your car to coast. 
  • Scrape off not just the windows but the whole car. Why? Because we (the rest of the drivers) don't need the solid two inch sheet of ice from your trunk to fly off and decapitate us on the highway. That would suck. K? Please and thanks.
  • You should always keep bottled water handy. Always. If there's a storm, if it's hot, if the zombies rise up, whatever - bottled water should be a survival staple for all.
  • What's your exit strategy? If you get iced in/snowed in and the electricity fails? Whatcha gonna do? Where's the closest walkable fire/police station/school/church/cousin's house where you can lay your head and plug in your tablet (priorities).These are things you should know prior to a ice-laden tree branch falling on the power lines and ruining your holiday happy.
  • How much non-perishable food do you need for one day to one week? This is something I had not thought about until faced with the prospect of being iced in for three days and staring at an appallingly empty refrigerator. I jetted out to the store at midnight four hours before the storm hit to get "essentials" - and yes, it's sad (tragically bougie, really) the items I decided were essential to my survival for three days. Let's just say if any of you are ever stranded at my house in a storm, it's a four - five star experience. SMH.
  • I don't really need to remind people about allowing your faucets to drip and keeping interior doors open so that your heat can circulate and keep pipes from freezing and bursting, do I? I didn't think so.
  • Flashlights, blankets, boots, gloves, fire-making implements, two of my books to read, water and chocolate...  you're set. :)

Now that I've shared things I'm so sure you already knew, feel free to add your own tips and advice in the comments. 

Hey, you didn't really think I'd let a snowy winter event come without reminding everyone (as we do each year around this time in Bougieland) about the tragic Snowpocalypse story? Let this be a lesson unto you...

Thoughts, comments, insights?