Bey's new album has me all in my feelings...

Some of you all are super unhappy with Bey, huh? She gets a little smexxy and all of a sudden, she's not worthy? Oh. Okay.

Sure some of her lyrics are questionable, yes the videos are smoldering. So what? She's speaking her truth, not yours or mine. Here's a grown woman singing about stirring the cocoa with her grown husband. Where's the problem? Yes, I heard the whole "Eat the cake, Anna Mae" line - you don't seriously think she's advocating abuse, do you? Doncha think it's more likely that she's probably planning on bathing herself in frosting and tempting her man's sweet tooth? Let married people get their freak on... and sing about it. If you don't like the music, fine. But please don't try to make a sexy album into more than it was. 

Speculation on Bey's feminism and Jay's misogyny based off this body of work is ill-conceived. It's an album, not a manifesto. So no, I'm not mad at Bey and Jay. Do you, Illuminati, do you. 

However... The album does have me all nostalgic and whatnot. As many of you know, I'm on (yet another) man break. A hiatus from the homies. I contemplated sticking a pinkie toe back in the waters and then I got weary just thinking about it. Relationships, dating, even picking someone to try to do any of those things with? Exhausting. You have to have your mind right and your spirit willing before you give it go. Of late, I've been more inclined to wrap up in a throw and catch up on my DVR than throw on some pumps and get my party on.

Unfortunately though... I'm a romance girl. Romance requires partnership. I admit it. I love falling in love and being in love and even falling out of love if I learn something useful along the way. I miss having that person that makes me stupid with a smile or a clever turn of phrase. I miss having someone to talk to before going to sleep at night (or not going to sleep at night). Yes, I miss all the bubbly, steamy cocoa that overflows in a committed relationship when both parties are feeling it. Craving it, can't remember what they did before it. Ah, memories.

But alas, I don't miss the foolishness and the game-playing and the "did he mean what he said when he said..." and the back-n-forth of getting to know someone from the ground up all over again. Trust him- don't trust him, do I really wanna do this, is he loving me the way I need to be loved... Arrgh. I have a little ways to go to regain my patience for the game of love. At least I'm off zero. The signal light is no longer flashing red with arrows saying : Do Not Proceed!! And Mrs. Carter's homage to grown good 'n plenty just might move the signal off Caution: Yellow to Green Means Go. We'll have to see.

Anybody know what I'm talking about? Raise your hand...