My thoughts on the government #shutdown? If only OPA of #Scandal could handle this...

Let's face it, what's going on between Congress and the White House right is some ugly, childish, we-want-what-we-want-when-we-want-it-and-we-don't-care-who-gets-hurt bullshiggity. I know I throw around the term "hot mess" but this right here takes that label and multiplies exponentially to the nth degree. This is a chess match where we've reached a stalemate. Or a poker game where neither side will fold or call. In the meantime, no one wins. 

I mean, c'mon on, people. If nothing else, America has always been able to say that we rock as a nation. It's inherent for Americans to look at other nations and say, "This is how we do it, get like us." No one is saying that this week. China is telling their people that America is closed, no need to visit. Kids on a field trip were turned away from the Lincoln Memorial. Lincoln is doing backflips in his grave. This is some epic buffoonery from a party that pushed Sarah Palin and then Mitt Romney at us with a straight face. Stop. Clearly, it's time for an intervention.

I won't point fingers (*stares hard at GOP*) or cite a lack of strong leadership (*shade thrown at Boehner*) but I will say that to unravel this will take a revolt, a revelation, a reversal or a Kennedy. Since only a few of those charming, reach-across-the-aisle Kennedys are in a position to fix this, I suggest Olivia Pope.

ABC's Scandal returns tonight to entertain us with the tale of a DC crisis manager who operates in a no-nonsense, non-partisan forward-thinking way. (Except when it comes to her on-again, off-again boyfriend,  the President of the United States of America, but that's a whole other plot line) What we wouldn't give to have an Olivia Pope at the table with Boehner, Reid, et al to straighten this mess out. Though since the problem is budget related, this could be a problem:

My point is, maybe we need to lock Boehner in a room with Huckleberry Quinn and their power tools and see what happens. Maybe Harrison could hit the House floor with his epic money clip and change some yeas to nays or nays to yeas, whichever is needed. Abby could sleep with Jack Lew (Treasury Secretary) just to put him in a more mellow frame of mind all the way around and who knows what he's got locked in a safe at his place. Olivia, of course, would explain in rapid-fire detail the hellfire and brimstone that would rain down on their collective heads if they don't figure a way to fix this and right soon. And then we could get this:

While we're waiting for that to happen at least we have fresh episodes of Scandal on tonight at 9pm central on ABC. Lord knows we need some entertainment during this exasperating, shame-inducing, trying times. Who's watching with me? Anyone got words of wisdom for Congress? Do share...