When sweet becomes scary... ITOFTS!

*ITOFTS= I'm too old for this shiggity

My friend Trey, bless his heart, is a serial dater. Usually gets three or four dates in, sleeps with her finds a fatal flaw in the woman and is out.  In his defense some of these women have been um... questionable. (Making one wonder what besides the boo-tay he saw in them from jump? But anyway, moving on...)

The other day he was on third date with a lovely 32-year old professional sister whose company he had enjoyed thus far. They dined at new Mexican spot in Uptown Dallas, walked for drinks at a trendy bistro and settled outside on the patio to enjoy the night.  At some point in the conversation he indicated that he would like to see her again. She smiled and said she would like that.

All good. Random chatter continued. A few minutes later she said she enjoyed spending time with him and hoped that they could continue to get to know each other and grow closer. He thought it was sweet.

Later in the conversation, she told him that in order for them to move forward she was going to need his home phone number (she only had the cell number), the number to a member of his family and his Facebook login information. She also wondered if he would mind if she went through his phone. He laughed nervously, positive that she was joking. She shook her head and told him she was serious and held her hand out for the phone.

"Why do you need that?" he asked.

She proceeded to tell him that she had trust issues and it was usually at this point that men started lying to her. He asked her if she thought that having access to a man's personal information would stop him from lying and she said he would at least hesitate if he knew she might find out the truth. He indicated that he found her line of reasoning skewed and she loudly retorted with some choice expletives. He told her that he was not willing to share all of that and she told him that meant he had something to hide and asked him to take her home.

There endeth the relationship before it got started. 

I was flabbergasted. Am I out of the loop? Are we sharing logins and fam phone numbers with folks? Especially folks we're not sure if we're serious about? Going into a relationship asking to see the cell phone is a bit much, is it not? If someone asked you for your logins and whatnot, what would you do?Someone help me out here... thoughts, comments, insights?