Doing Dirt in the Digital Age

Good people, we've touched on this a gazillion times and still some of you bear reminding. We had an entire week talking about Stepping Yo Game Up, we wondered if some amongst us are ever relationship-ready or just too ratchet to even be about the game of love. But here's the reality in 2013 - if you or anyone you know is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ (et al) or has an email account that works - your life is not private. No one gets 24/7 privacy any more. It doesn't exist.

Right this minute someone has a picture of you (no not THAT kind... okay maybe that kind if that's how you roll) that you are unaware of. Someone is updating a status that involves you. No, you may not know that girl two people in front of you in line at Starbuck's but she just updated her Foursquare "Time for venti latte" status. If you have a cell phone made after the year 2000 it knows where you are. If you live in (or go through) a city with more than 100,000 people, it is watching you. If you shop online, flip channels on your TV, have a rewards card at the grocery store.... your life is in the cloud. And the cloud knows all.

I remind you of these things because in the past two weeks I've watched more than one relationship implode at def-con 4 levels on the Social Inter Media Net Webs. One was as simple as a guy tweeting about being at Starbucks. Shouldn't have been a problem but his wife thought he was 30 miles in another direction. A click on the Foursquare Starbucks page revealed to the wife who he was with. (Note to sidechicks - do NOT check into places with your illicit boo. That's so not gangsta) Hell followed shortly thereafter.

Another incident involved a woman posting her July 4th BBQ pics on The Facebook. Oops - who are those two canoodling in the background? Someone else tagged them in the pics and the fireworks got real. A third incident involved a parking ticket. The city sent sister girl her violation pic and in the wide shot caught the rear bumper of the car parked next to her. Why, her husband wanted to know, was her ex-boyfriend parked next to her outside a hotel at 2:37pm on a Wednesday? Um. Um. Um. Didn't pay the meter and got busted.

Two weeks ago some dude that I didn't follow got exposed on Twitter as a complete and total fraud. Like all the uplifting, progressive, inspirational ish he'd tweeted for the past five years was stolen from other people and his life was little more than a twin bed in his second cousin's basement. He didn't look like he said he looked, he didn't believe what he said he believed, he didn't live how he said he lived. Something about an Instagram pic, it went viral and all 24,000 of his followers rose up en masse to beat him down. 

Last but not least was the Trapped in the Twitter Closet drama that popped off over the weekend. I missed a lot of it (Amen) but apparently wife and baby mama get together to expose a dude as deadbeat dad in the Twitterverse when out pops his gay lover from the closet to spill the rest of the tea. Dude's mentions looked like East Beirut circa 1985. Seek shelter, destruction is imminent.

If you are out here shooting bad in the Digital Era you need to have your i's dotted, t's crossed and witnesses silenced (not in a homicidal way). There are eleventy million ways to get tripped up, slipped up and outed that didn't even exist from a technological standpoint ten years ago. Do you know how much 007 you need to have about yourself to tell a lie and leave the house these days? 

I'm not going to lecture about morality and why truthiness is your best life option cuz really, folks are grown. Live how you want to live. But for those out there trying to get away with something, I ask you... is it worth it?

BougieLand, know anyone busted by the technology of it all? Thoughts, comments, insights?