Damn Political Correctness... some things just need to be said

I'm bougie. Whatever. I own that. There are worse things to be in the world. Some of you all get that, some do not. You have a choice to either love it or leave it alone. And I feel good saying that cuz you know what else? Please let them know, Bey. 

Alright? Moving on... As a species, those of us born bougificus socialus are genetically inclined to be polite and politically correct if it kills us. But ev'ry now and again... A few things simply must get said. You can bite your tongue for so long and then it's like... okay let me speak a l'il truth to power. So apologies in advance for any toes that get stepped on. Mea culpa.

1. It truly is possible for women with natural hair to look just as much of a hot mess as women with perms, locks, twists, braids, weaves, etc. Imma need some of the natural ladies to understand the importance of shaping, styling and framing the face. And for all that's holy - moisturize it. Early and often. Having your hair sit atop your head like a bird's nest in the rainforest is no bueno. I get that you're team natural but you gotta do more than that. I'm asking nicely.

2. Please stop tweeting/FBing/Instagraming every single solitary moment of your dysfunctional lives. I mean this with all the sincerity I can muster. Fellas, there's a reason some of you aren't getting chose. Review the last 90 days of your Twitter stream and ask yourself "would I date me?" Bet you wouldn't. And you shouldn't. I'm not saying all your tweets need to be Skittles, rainbows and unicorn sightings but for Jesu Christi's sake, do you really think we need the details of the girl you went down on Friday night who called you by the wrong name Saturday afternoon? (Can't make this stuff up) Nawl. Maintain some of the mystery.

3. If you truly think Trayvon Martin deserved to die please log off life. Okay, that may be harsh. Log off my TL and don't troll me. I'm never going to be here for it. There is nothing short of CIA documented video showing Trayvon loading shrapnel-packed skittles into a modified Arizona Iced Tea gun and firing in George Zimmerman's direction that will ever (evah, evah) make me change my mind about this. So all of you with your Law & Order Forensic Psycholody degrees and Criminal Justice Ph.Ds from University of CSI - have some seats. And stay in them. kthxbi

I had about seven more but it was starting to sound like a ranty manifesto. Bougieland, thoughts on my thoughts? Agree, disagree, have something else to get off your chest? Do share...