Lessons from #Scandal: Ladies, before you start declaring #EarnMe...

Sorry all - Spoiler Alert. If you haven't watched May 2, 2013 episode of Scandal this post spills all the tea...

Last night on the "A Woman Scorned" episode of Scandal, Olivia issued a challenge heard round the world to Pres Fitz: "I am not a toy you can play with when you’re bored or lonely or horny. I am not the girl the guy gets at the end of the movie. I am not a fantasy. If you want me, Earn me!" Cannot deny - it was epic. Immediately, 80% of the bruhs sent up collective groans while 100% of the women-folk screamed out, "YES! You betta earn me up in here!"

#EarnMe became a thing. Instantly. I'm waiting for someone to hook up the purple "Earn. Me. Dammit." tank top so I can purchase and rock with much attitude.

But hold up ladies, please press the brakes for a minute. The same way I begged of you not to put your hand in your man's face whilst screaming, "If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it." I also implore you not to  get to issuing "Earn. Me!" ultimatums to your boo. Unless you're worth it and you're absolutely sure he thinks you're worth it too.

I'm just saying.  A week or so ago I asked the fellas to check their dateability stock on the open market. I'm going to ask the ladies to make sure you are not in the bargain bin expecting some Neiman-Marcus type return on investment. Look, I love ya'll. I think each (okay most) of you are worth your weight in gold. Just make sure your boo feels the same before you talk that talk.

You don't break "Earn Me" out of your book of tricks for dinner on a Wendesday night. There's proper place and time to bring out that kind of heavy artillery. I mean, you can just be all willy-nilly with the "Earn Me" of it all. Also (as well) make sure you want to be earned before you toss it out there. Maybe you are worth it and dude is not. Poor Edison put his time in and tried to earn him some Olivia only be sent packing with an old ring and high-heeled pump in his hind parts. Jake didn't even get a goodbye (not that he deserved one). Hear me ladies, words have power. Use them correctly or not at all.

First Lady Mellie thought she was worth it too. Ivy League grad, old money, good to luck at, stands by her man, brings him scotch in the shower and still tries to swirls the cocoa. Mellie is the wife and sat over in lonely stale-ass Blair House expecting her man to show up and earn back her love. He was too busy saying, "Hi," in the shower with Olivia. Yeah he was. 

Um. Hmm... We see ya'll.

The next and last lesson we need to learn from last night's Scandal? After the man makes the grand gesture and the girl takes him back? Someone should think about what happens next, shouldn't they?

No one ever thinks about how that "happily ever after" is actually going to work. Fitz blew up his marriage, Liv blew off a guy we all think is suspect and a lot of moving pieces are still on the loose and up to no good. So now what? In real life? I think we all know this scenario ends poorly. But this is ShondaLand. Lawd knows what she's got in store for us.

Oh, one other thing - fellas please - we know this is fiction. You don't have to worry about an entire nation of side chicks rising up talmbout "Earn me." 
Rarely happens in real life, we know this.
Also, Fitz is a fictional President, he can do the ratchet stuff he does because he's cute and he's a fictional President... you all may not. Calm down. (The innanets were alive with the haterade from some of the fellas last night, calm down ☺)  

BnB - ready to tell the one you love to "earn you" yet? How do you think that would go over in real life? Inquiring minds want to know.