Is this cool or not?

So the Beau Nouveau and I have been going out for a few months now. It feels longer. In a good way. I literally met him and thought "where has he been all this time" - one of those things where we felt like we've known each other forever even though we haven't? He's already met fam and gotten the blessing. We've spent at least four or five days a week together every week since we met. We had the exclusivity "we don't share" discussion. Very little drama. And I do so hate drama. So last week when we were watching a movie and he announced that he was going to see the new Star Trek with a friend of his and did I think it was okay, I paused.

Sure it's okay, I looked bewildered cuz am I so strict that permission needed to be asked? He explained it was a friend of his who was a girl, not a "girlfriend" and they'd decided months ago since they are both sci-fi people to go see this movie together. "ummKay." I said with a slow nod. He added. "It's just a movie. Not dinner, not drinks, we'll go to the movie and then I'll come over here for dinner."

"It's fine." I said with a smile though it wasn't. Past history had me wanting to jump up and down screaming, "NO! You may not go! B*tches be treacherous. And I don't know her. I'm not cool with this!" But I'm still hiding my crazy. So I smiled and said, "Let me know how the movie is."

He must know from whence my crazy comes. He called on the way to theater, sent a text from theater to say movie started, sent another text after movie to say he was going to pick up food and was on his way to my house. Showed up at my house thirty minutes later with dinner and wine. Though he did everything right, I have to admit I kept an eye on the clock while he was out. (As he later said - wow, someone really did a number on you. Several someones and yeah, they have) At the heart of the matter though, I still didn't like the fact that it felt like he went on a date with someone else. 

After dinner, we sat on the sofa and he said he knew it didn't sit well that he went to the movie with someone else but he had already made the promise before he ever met me and didn't want to go back on his word. Admirable, I reckon. Then he said she mentioned another sci-fi movie coming out next month and wondered if they could go to that. I cut my eyes and tried to keep the lips from pursing until he followed up with, "I told her it probably wasn't a good idea." 

Um-hmm. She said maybe they could get coffee sometime. Without thinking I said, "Coffee is code for she wants to see you naked and needs a way in." To which he replied, "She's not like that." Hmpfh. Yes she is, he just doesn't know it. He said, "Coffee isn't a date anyway." Bless his heart. Yes it is, he just doesn't know it. She may not even have a nefarious plot going. But I'll be tagging along to the next movie. Won't that be interesting? 

BougieLand, am I in the wrong? Is it cool for your s/o to go out one on one with members of the opposite sex? Not a cousin, a niece or friend from high school? I mean, if it's not a business dinner or a work lunch or a "we decided to catch a bite after work" - is that cool? Or does it depend on what they are doing? Like a drink is okay but dinner is not? Or a movie is okay but coffee afterwards is not? Do I need to be more evolved? Let a bougie chick know...