Is there such a thing as "too romantic"?

Oooh... I don't know about this one. As you may know, I'm a romantic at heart. I love it when someone sets a scene. Nouveau Beau brought me back pajamas from his trip to Japan and before I could quirk a brow, he announced they were so I would think of him when I was sleeping. Oh, well - awesome gift then. Does this mean I want pajamas every day? No, it does not.

I like the wine, the candles, the flowers, the hand holding, the walking in the moonlight. But I like those things with someone I actually care for. Romance without the mutual affection to back it up is stalking in most states. 

Tere was one unfortunate dud who just tried too damn hard. The less I was feeling him and the more I pulled back, the harder he tried. Sent flowers and poems and wrote notes and bought books even after I told him politely, "No thank you." He actually did the thing where he stood outside my window with his iPod and speaker blasting some Keith Sweat song. (Cause enough to be put to the curb) Moving on, in that case it's not romance but nuisance and who needs that?

But I have to wonder - even if it's with someone you are in a relationship with, can there be such a thing as too much romance? Is it special if it happens ALL the time? Ladies, do you want rose petals leading up to the bed every single night? Do you need candles lit for every bath? Or can it get to be a bit much?

Everyday life tends to get in the way of romance but if it was romance all day? Would we like it? Fellas, what do YOU think about romance? Do you want it, need it, got to have it or would you just like your cocoa, your sammich and the remote control? Hey, I'm just asking.

Romance, let's talk about it. What does it mean to you? Can it be too much? And why? Please discuss...