Get out of your feelings, #Scandal is fiction. Great fiction but...

After EVERY episode...

Spoiler alert - if you haven't watched the season finale of Scandal, stop reading. Go watch it. Come back. Ummkay?

Last Scandal post for a while. We ready? Okay...

Good people, I'll say this one more time for the cheap seats - Scandal is not a way of life, a reality show or anything deeper than a primetime drama. But for some reason, people tend to take it very, very personally. Like life as they know it must alter trajectory based on the goings-on of a TV show. While the show is on summer break, mayhaps folks can gain some perspective? Get out of their feelings a little bit? Here are ten things I need folks to wrap their minds around.

1. We get it. To many of you, Olivia is a side-piece and should behave as such (i.e. "know her place") - we get it. You don't need to tweet/FB a broadcast message talking bout "hoes" rejoicing or weeping on the ebb and flow of the Olitz relationship. Enough already.

2. Those of you determined to take the chemistry between Fitz and Olivia and translate it into an off-camera affair between Kerry and Tony - stop. If they are, it's none of your business. If they aren't? Still none of your business. As a matter of fact, stop superimposing the character on the actor. They are not one and the same.

3. Why so mad at Shonda for not writing the shows and/or characters exactly the way you want them? If you are that determined to have a hand in the plotline, put fingers to keyboard and write out your pilot for next season.

4. Brothers, Olivia embracing the swirl has nothing to do with you. She is not personally snubbing you by doing Fitz on all vertical and horizontal surfaces in the fake White House. If you are that worried about black women "leaving the fold" go pick you one and treat her right. Any questions?

5. Ladies, you are not Mellie. She's not real. If your man is as ratchet as Fitz, cut him loose. You are not married to the President, you can leave. Any questions?

6. This is TV, if a man has a heart attack at noon, he is not back at work at 6:00pm. He's really not. Heart attacks generally have a root cause and that generally needs to be addressed before you can put on your suit and go wreak havoc on your "best friends'" lives.

7. IRL, Mellie would have smacked the shiggity out of Fitz for coming back weeping on her lap after his boo-thang left. Nawl. No wife is that eager to have her man back. If I were him, I'd station Tom and Hal bedside or sleep with one eye open.

8. If you want to get mad about something, get mad about the fact that we have seen David, James and Cyrus shirtless more than once and Harrison not at all. That's just wrong.

9. I'm far more horrified about the bad branches of Olivia's family tree and the glee to which Quinn took to torture than I am about the Olitz break-up. Why aren't ya'll?

10. Shonda actually has a pattern with her shows. She puts things together, blows them up and puts them back together another way until we get exhausted and say "whatever, girl" and then she finds another way to reel people back in. It's what she does. Love it or leave it alone.

Scandal is done for the summer, what are we watching?