Bougie News Round-Up: Get your life, boo...

I used to do these Bougie News Round-Ups where I'd get us all caught up on the news of the week and then we could discuss. Well, here you go. Enjoy...

1. Sergio Garcia makes a joke about Tiger Woods and fried chicken. Really Sergio? It's been done (thanks Fuzzy) and it's stale. 2013 man. For the last mickey-frickey time, jokes about fried chicken, watermelon, malt liquor, hangings and slavery - never a good idea with people of any form of African descent raised in these here United States. Get your life, Sergio. (And watch out for that water hazard at 17... oh, too late.) May I leave the following right here:

Nuff said.
2. GOP still trying to turn Benghazi into Watergate. while it's certainly tragic and regrettable that 4 Americans lost their lives that day, after 9 (yes NINE) congressional hearings, no one can tie the security failure to the White House. In fact, the more we look at it, the more we see that Congress is holding up the dollars to increase security at a number of embassies and consulates worldwide. Add in the fact that under ye olde Bush regime, 42 Americans died at embassies and consulates - where were the investigations for that? McCain, get yo' life, boo. You lost. You're old and you're on the wrong side of history. Move on.

3. Idiot fake-ass "relationship expert" CheyB explodes his mentions on Twitter by telling women that they are sluts if they carry condoms and even police officers know this. Why? Because women don't have penises. "The best way to have safe sex is to get married and be loyal." O__o Get yo' life, Chey - making a living denigrating women shows such a moral abyss... I just can't.

4. Billboard Music Awards - I can't. This was the year I turned the corner and officially became my father. Sitting on the couch frowning at the TV muttering, "You call that music? Back in MY day..." Yeah and this happened:
Get yo' life, Miggy. Practice the stunts first so you don't land on girls'  heads. SMH

5. Best of the rest: Anthony Weiner (of tweeting his weiner fame) is running for Mayor of New York. You know what? Do you, boo. Mark "Latin Lover" Sanford is in Congress. I got nothing. Do the Obamas talk differently to black people? Yes, they do. Next. Dr. Dre wants to give millions to a non-HBCU college. It's his money, let him live. Feminists fighting over feminism? We'll talk more on that later this week.

On the flip of all of that, Pharrell has previewed a tune for the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack entitled "Happy" and it is. I do love some feel good music. Enjoy.

Any news you want to talk about today? Thoughts, comments, insights?