About that #Scandal #IWillBeYourAnchor comment... whew!

Lookie here. I fully understand that I was 100% on board with Fitz wanting to earn him some Olivia on the "A Woman Scorned" episode of ABC's runaway hit, Scandal. The episode was thrilling, dramatic, flashy and capped off with some steamy cocoa-stirring powered by the undeniable chemistry between Olivia and Fitz.

The "Any Questions" episode kind of turned a corner for me. Let's be real, how often on the national stage do we get to see a brother stand for a sister like this? We don't know what the story is behind Olivia and Harrison's relationship but unless Shonda is going to tell me that they are blood relatives - I need to know why Harrison isn't being considered as a viable love interest for Liv?

As we've discussed over the years here on BnB, I love love. I'm all about the euphoric majesty of all-consuming love. Scale the highest mountain, swim the widest sea love. Breathless, heart-racing, need it, want it, gotta have it - yes. All of that. But then again... I'm all about practicalities too. Why can't you have the fire and the passion with someone who is, I don't know, already there for you? Does it always have to complicated and messy to be real? Olivia may think so, I do not.

The seductive promise of a man telling you he'll be your anchor had me topping off my obnoxiously large wineglass. And not just an anchor in calm seas but through the storm?! What?! Can we add that into some wedding vows? "I promise to love, honor and be your anchor?" I mean when you have an anchor - you can soar. You can try new things, you can take chances, you can be bold because at the end of the day - someone's got you. Ya'll don't hear me though - at the end of the day, someone has GOT. YOU. Whew!

You find that and it's a wrap. Lock it down and let no man put it asunder.

The shiny allure of a "watch me earn you" kind of fades (for me anyway) next to the rock solid resolution of "I will be your anchor." You find someone willing to hold it down, who doesn't have to explode everything in his world to make that happen? Well that's a no-brainer for me. Le Sigh. I understand the heart wants what the heart wants. But at some point I need the brain to kick in and be like - "Girl. Anchor. That way. Let's go."

But I'll ask you - which line resonated more for you? #EarnMe or #IWillBeYourAnchor? do share...