What about Love Jones 2?

Harper and the gang are coming back
It's been announced that filming for Best Man 2 is underway with the return of all the original cast members. To this I say - well okay. Not sure I was that invested in these characters that I necessarily am clamoring to see what happened to them. But in the dearth of feel good well cast rom-coms, I'll take it. I liked The Best Man, didn't love it, but it was a nice romantic comedy that didn't make me want to gnaw off my own arm and throw it at the screen (Why did I get married (1&2), Think like a Man, I could name more but we don't have all day here).

But this got me to thinking, what other African American rom-coms from "my era" would I love to see a sequel made? First thing that popped into my mind was Love Jones. Who doesn't want to see where Darius Lovehall is today? What's up with Nina? What happened to the hater in the group played by Bill Bellamy? These are questions I'd love to know the answers to. Even though Boyz in the Hood wasn't a rom-com, I'd be interested to see where those characters are twenty years later. 

What about you?

Will you go see Best Man 2? If you could green light a sequel to one of your favorites, what would it be? Do share and feel free to tell us why in the comments. Happy Monday!