Friends don't let friends stir bad cocoa... or do they?

A few years back for reasons I absolutely cannot recall, we (maybe just me and I dragged the rest of you with me?) started calling sexual activities "cocoa stirring" and my oh my, the fun we've had from there. We've discussed the length (width, stamina, strength) of the stirring utensil, the elements needed to get cocoa on full boil, different variations of cocoa, cocoa scents, toppings and on it goes. So for the uninitiated - this really isn't a post about hot chocolate.

Here's a note I received the other day -
Hey Chele, even though I don't comment, I've been following the blog for years and I like hearing from the bougie bros, it's a different perspective on some things. Onto my point - You're not a guy but there's a pretty standard man law about discussing the cocoa once you get a serious girlfriend. But here's my dilemma. A guy that I'm pretty good friends with recently started dating a close friend of my girlfriend  As most women, they have no boundaries about discussing the ins and outs (pun intended) of their intimacies. Long story short, word is that my boy is terrible in bed. Like laughable. Do I tell him or let him go on thinking he's doing something? ~Kev
Kev, my dude. I did not know there were published parameters of what men could, should and do discuss about bedroom game. If this is indeed true, I'll need to see a copy for proof. :) Next, not all women talk about their sex lives, particularly if the relationship is serious. As smart women, we recognize that some of us are treacherous and treasonous, we don't over-share the good stuff lest one of our "friends" decides she wants to try that out for herself. (ya'll don't hear me though)

Most importantly, let's flip the script. What if the guy your girl and her girlfriend were discussing is actually you and your stir game ain't all it could be? Would you like to hear about it from him or from her? My advice is tell your girlfriend to tell her girlfriend to talk to him about it. For real. As you aptly mentioned, I'm not a guy (O__o) so I don't know but does a guy EVER want to discuss cocoa shortcomings with another guy? I'll ask BougieLand...

Ladies, what should Kev do? Fellas, help a bougie bruh out - what should he do? How do you even start that conversation? Who thinks he and his girl should "c" their way out of what is obviously an "a" and "b" conversation? Thoughts, comments, insights? do share...