The I.T.O.F.T.S. Chronicles - for real tho

*ITOFTS= I'm too old for this bullshiggity

I'm old. No, I'm serious. Just walking up the last step to the landing to get to my apartment, I slipped and fell and ended up wrenching all the muscles on the left side of my body plus pissing off my lower back. Yes. That's old when you get injured... walking. :-(

My mother is eighty years old so calling her to help out is what we call counter-productive. Older bro with the ability to medicate me lives 1300 hundred miles away. Older sis who at least would throw pain pills at me from the door is 1200 miles away. BougieYoungerBro has five kids. He ain't got no time to parent me. The long-distance dude is sometimey and by definition - a long distance away. 

The apartment complex (freaked that I'm going to sue) demanded the name of someone to call and babysit me for a day. I was going to call a girlfriend but my cell rang and it was David. He volunteered. Now this is fine. As exes we're fairly cordial. There are about three or four topics that we tiptoe around but for the most part we can be around each other without a lot of drama. And how much drama could one get into when I'm  spaced on muscle relaxants? Had the strangest dream about Prince and Twizzlers in a completely purple forest. Yeah... anyway.

While I was sleeping David takes it upon himself to inform the long-distance dude that he isn't holding up his end and should do better. O__O What transpires at this point is a long-distance pissing match of epic proportions with text, mail and phone flurries. 

People, when I tell you I am too old for this bullshiggity, I absolutely mean it. If I wasn't allergic, I would just get a cat and be done with it. How's that BnB Knitting Circle going?