Hmmm.. a house husband with no kids?

Someone shared an article from Slate where a married dude with no kids opted to stay at home and be a full-time homemaker. 
What can I say? I drop my wife off at her office (we're trying to remain a one-car couple), then clean, mend, cook, run errands, and deal with the various logistics of life. Kids are a get-out-of-jail-free card when it comes to breaking stereotypical gender roles, but without them homemaking is not really seen as an ambitious life-calling or even particularly time-consuming. I have to say, I don't see it that way...
...My salary was above average for a not-yet-licensed architect, and though sufficient to live on, it was nothing to write home about. When the-job-offer-she-couldn't-refuse landed, we realized she was going to be the big earner. In fact, she would make enough to support us both, and this put my vocation in an entirely new context. I had no insecurities about being outearned by my partner, but I had never really considered the idea that my job could be optional.
I'm sorry. I'm not evolved enough to be cool with this. Way too traditional. I understand he doesn't have to work (wife pulls down great salary) but I'm thinking that even if he worked part-time, wouldn't that bolster the retirement/vacation/expensive shoes fund? I'm of the mind that while you are able to maximize your earning potential - why not do it?

I'm also of the mind that it wouldn't be too many nights before I walked in and gave him the "what have you been doing all day" look. I know, totally Stone Age in my thinking but there it is. I think I've told this story before but it fits so I'll share it again. 

When I was living in LA, I was in a long-distance relationship. Dude was wealthy enough not to work and had just retired from his first career. He was doing a little bit of consulting and a whole lot of golf. When he came to visit, I would get up and go to work and come home to find him perched up in front of the TV. I hated it. Ha-ted it. It wasn't like he was a drain on my finances or the least bit shiftless. I just hated the thought that I was getting up hitting the bricks all day while he was lounging. In response, he started getting up an hour before me and running the vacuum and washing clothes. We made it a full month before I announced, "Lookie here, Bush in the White House. Everybody needs a job round here." He went back to work in less than a month.

Don't get me wrong, I'm skeptical anytime someone (male or female) who isn't raising kids, caring for someone, between jobs or battling illness isn't doing something. Anything. Go volunteer somewhere. Runa charitable foundation. Read to kids at the library three times a week. Something. Yes, I'm a dinosaur. I cannot fathom the day when I come home and tell dude, you can shut it down. Place your hindparts on the sofa for good. I got you, boo. Naw.

 If I work, everybody works dammit. You quit, I quit.  :-)

Maybe it's just me? Let's discuss. Ladies, could you deal with a stay-at-home dude even though there are no kids to take care of? Fellas, could you be this guy?